8 Things You Didn’t Know About Burcin Abdullah

Burcin Abdullah Biography

If you have seen the famous Turkish series “ resurrection Ertugral”, you must have noticed the splendid beauty, Burcin Abdullah. This stunning Turkish beauty, Burcin Abdullah is famous for her admiring acting talent and exceeding beauty. A well-trained actress is known for her incredibly amazing performances as Helena on the television series ‘Ertugrul’. She also acted in movies including Ac kapiyi cok fenayim and Adam misin. We are sure you are curious to know more about this beautifully beautiful actress so let’s explore 8 interesting facts about her which are not commonly known.
Burcin Abdullah
Burcin Abdullah

8 things you don’t know about Burcin Abdullah

1. Her perfect poses for the photos!

She knows well how to steal the show even with her casual dress-ups. She has got some serious photography insights that’s why her every photo is so artistic and looks as it is perfectly perfect! You can check it out yourself on her Instagram.

2. Her son is her life!

She is a happy Mommy of a beautiful little son and her son is her biggest strength as well as her biggest weakness. She takes her son with her whenever she goes. Her motherly love can be seen on her Instagram account.

3. A Humble Person with zero attitudes!

You must be amazed to know that she is a social bee. She loves to be around her fans and share each and everything with them. She is not proud at all unlike many celebrities. That’s why her fans love her too and value her easy-going ways.

4. Huge following on social media handles!

It is another interesting fact about her that she is hyper-active on all of her social media handles. Her followers belong to every part of the world. Millions of people are following her on Instagram and Facebook and her every post gets thousands of likes in minutes.

5. Looks much younger than her real age!

 She is like an evergreen beauty. Though she is 34 years old yet she looks like she is in her twenties. Her fitness care, diet plan, and healthy lifestyle are behind this youth. [1]

6. Got infected with COVID-19

It might be an unknown fact for many of you that she got infected with the COVID-19 just recently. She and her son tested positive for the COVID and she announced it on her Instagram.

7. Travel flows in her blood!

 It must be an interesting and less known fact about her that she is a kind of wandering soul. She loves to explore new places, meet new people and taste new foods. Her Instagram also reflects her passion for travel and she uploads pictures of her travel stories now and then there.

8. Her recent tour to America

Recently she did a tour of New York, America, and posted the stuff related to this tour. She visited all the famous sites and share her happiness with her fans.