8 Things You Didn’t Know About Claire Anne Stroll

Claire Anne Stroll is a famous businesswoman of Belgian origin and she is popularly known as the wife of the Canadian billionaire and car collector, Lawrence S. Stroll. Moreover, she is a part-owner of the Racing Point Formula 1 team. We are quite sure that there is still a lot for you to be known about this highly successful lady Clair Anne Stroll so we have gathered 8 interesting facts about this great footballer that will surely amaze you!
Clair Anne Stroll
Clair Anne Stroll

8 things you don’t know about Claire Anne Stroll

1. Got featured in the world magazines

It must be a quite surprising fact for you about her that she has been featured in renowned world magazines for her amazing fashion skills. Her dedication and hard work related to her brand Callen resulted in her getting featured on the worldwide fashion mags.

2. Spouse of the famous Canadian billionaire!

It must be an interesting fact about her that she is a wife of the world-renowned Canadian billionaire and a car collector, Lawrence S. Stroll.

3. Owns a luxury fashion brand!

Another hidden fact about Clair Anne Stroll is that she is a widely acclaimed fashion designer too and she owns a luxury brand named, Callens, which makes super luxury sports outfits. [1]

4. Collector of vintage cars!

Very few people might know this hidden fact about her that she is a car collector too and she is a vintage Ferrari cars enthusiast.

5. She is a self-made successful woman

Very few people might know this hidden fact about her that her businesses are results of her hard work and nobody helped is involved in her success journey. She is a completely self-made successful woman.

6. A sports enthusiast

It must be a quite interesting fact about her that she has a great interest in sports. She plays golf regularly and it is her favorite sport.

7. A privacy-conscious person

She loves to keep her personal and family life to herself and does not share much about it on social media. Even fans did not know when she got married to Lawrence. She keeps her children away from the media too.

8. Not very active on social media accounts

She is not into social media and loves to spend real-life more effectively than to show off on social media. That’s why she is not very active on her social media handles.