8 Things You Didn’t Know About Claire van der Boom

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Claire van der Boom Biography

Claire van der Boom, an Australian actress. She is first known for her roles played in the television series named ‘Love My Way’ and ‘East-West 101’. In 2008, she acted in the Australian neo-noir thriller ‘The Square’. She is globally recognized for her appearance as Stella Karamanlis in the ‘HBO miniseries named ‘The Pacific’. However, the actress has been getting fame and appreciation from her fans for her admiring work. Here we are going to share some interesting things you probably didn’t know before!

Claire van der Boom

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Claire van der Boom

1- She completed her graduation in Drama

Claire van der Boom completed her graduation in Drama studies in 1999. She then joined Sydney’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 2005.

2- She is a Versatile Actress

Boom is a versatile actress as she has portrayed a role opposite Ryan Kwanten in the psychological thriller ‘Red Hill’ which was directed by Patrick Hughes.

3- She established her career in Music

In 2003, Claire van der Boom established her career in Music. She recorded vocals, a track named ‘Do What You Want’ produced by Jason Hearn.

4- She loves Gymming

The actress Claire van der Boom loves gymming. She follows a healthy diet and regular workout regimen to keep herself energetic and healthy.

5- She is an Avid Reader

Claire van der Boom is an avid reader. She has a habit of reading books and magazines in her free time. Even whenever she shops, she purchases books.

6- She is a Non-Vegetarian

Claire van der Boom is a non-vegetarian and loves eating chicken items. Mostly, she prefers to eat pizza, sandwiches, and chicken shashlik.

7- She loves Acting

Boom loves acting. The actress considers acting as a hobby and she calls it her first love. Once she shared she always wanted to be an actress.

8- She is proud to be a Christian

Boom belongs to the Christian community and that’s what she feels proud of. Also, she worships the God and Goddess and celebrates all festivals.

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