8 Things You Didn’t Know About Demet Evgar

Demet Evgar Biography

Demet Evgar is a Turkish actress who was born on 19th May 1980. She is known for her outstanding performances in different roles she played in feature films and television series. Also, she started her career at 17, with Afsem Theatre. She is the one who recognized as the most successful actress who got fame at an early age. However, here’s a list of the 8 things you didn’t know about her. Demet Evgar

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Demet Evgar 

1- Demet Evgar’s Family Background

She was born in Manisa. She is an Albanian –Turkish belonging because her paternal family is of Albanian. While the Ottoman Empire was crumbling, and maternal family is of Muslim Ottoman plunge who moved from Thessaloniki, (Greece). Also, she has a brother named Yigit Evgar who is also associated with Turkish cinema and works as a director.

2- Her Educational Background

Demet Evgar got her education from Istanbul University Conservatory Theatre (Istanbul Universitesi Konservatuary Tiyatro).

3- She Founded Her Own Theatre

After completing her studies, she later decided to form her own theatre. And she put all her efforts to establish it. Her friends helped her a lot in this regard and after hard work, she founded a theatre and named it (Theatre Kilcik- Tiyatro Kilcik).

4- She Made Her Theatre Debut

She worked as a theatre actress in the theater where she made her debut. She worked in “Pangar”, “Hata Yap?m Atölyesi”, “Mü?terek”, “Multi-Arts Production”.

5- She Also Appeared As A Guest Star

She played in the “1 Kad?n 1 Erkek” comic series at 8 seasons. She played “Kara Fatma” (guest star) in Vatan?m Sensin and now she is playing in the TV series Avlu.

6- Awards And Honors

She has won numerous awards including the Best Actress Award for her role in “Serial Cook.” The honor was exhibited by on-screen character and director Onur Saylak. Also, she is a victor of the Golden Butterfly TV Stars Award for Best Actress and other honors as well.

7- She Was Selected As ‘Woman Of The Year’

On 13th February 2019, there was held a GQ Men Of The Year Award Ceremony at the Vilkswagen Arena in Istanbul, Turkey, in which Demet Evgar (L) was selected as “Woman Of The Year.”

8- Her Zodiac Sign

They are exceptionally engaged, decided and determined in their work. They realize how to hustle. Their devotion to work is charming. They are enterprising and stretch themselves to any degree to complete the undertaking effectively. They are predictable in their work and remain a long very long time on a solitary undertaking.

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