8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dimple Kalshan

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Dimple Kalshan is a Diploma holder in Acting and has starred in over 25 plays as an actor and directed over 15 theatre productions. She has a keen and astute sense of the craft. She has the ability to motivate and mould her aspiring students into professional performers which is an invaluable asset to her training techniques. You will be surprised to know that At Actor Prepares, she played a pivotal role in designing the courses and has achieved great results in her training. Well, this does not end here as her fans want to know more about her. And if you are one of them, then there is a great treat for you too. We will now tell you eight interesting facts about this aspiring beauty which will surely amaze you and you might not know them before. Let us have a look!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Dimple Kalshan

1- Age is just a Number

We are almost 100% sure that you do not know about her age till now. So we are telling you that she was born in 1989 so she is 31 years old. It is very hard to believe as she looks much younger! And proved that age is just a number.

2- Well-educated Celebrity

She is an educated celebrity. Most of the people leave education as soon as they enter into the glamorous world of showbiz but she completed her studies and is graduated from the local college of India.

3- Travel Lover

You will be amazed to know this amazing fact that she is a great travel lover. She loves to travel as much as she can. She has a long list of favorite destinations but the most favorite of them is London.

4- Net Worth

She is a hardworking actress in the Indian industry. Her net worth is about 1 million USD. It is indeed a huge amount but her hard work had made it possible for her to accomplish this milestone.

5- Favorite Color

We are quite sure that no one has told you about the favorite color of your favorite celebrity till now. So here we are! The favorite colors of Dimple Kalshan are black and blue and mostly she wears the same color dresses.

6- Her Direction Skills

It will be a very interesting fact for you that she has remained part of the direction too. She has worked as a Director in the theater and has directed more than 15 plays which is quite a large number.

7- Far from Controversies

The actress so is a simple and sweet personality. She remains far away from the controversies and ill behavior. That’s a reason the media has not spoken against her till now.

8- Hobbies

If you are wondering that what does your favorite celebrity does in her spare time, so we have solved this problem of yours. Her hobbies are traveling and internet surfing. Off course, she hardly gets free time yet she manages her hobbies well.

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