8 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Heng

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Donald Heng Biography

Donald Heng, a Chinese actor who has been doing wonders in his acting career by giving fantastic performances in the movies. He has worked on many acting projects but is mainly known for appearing in the film named ‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ which was released in 2019 and considered the best film of the year. Also, he made a presence in another film named ‘Van Helsing’ which is the best release of the year 2016. And what’s more? The actor, Heng got huge applause and recognition from his fans and the viewers. Well, he has done a lot of projects during his career life and always gives heart-winning performances. If you want to know more about your favorite celebrity, then go through the lesser facts we have compiled for you and enjoy reading!

Donald Heng

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Donald Heng

1- Known for

Another film has added a feather on his cap. Yes… You will be surprised to know that Donald Heng is popularly known for giving a brilliant performance in the film titled ‘Ghost Wars’ released in 2017, for which he got positive reviews.

2- Versatile Actor

Donald Heng is a versatile actor who has the capability to win the hearts of many with his excellent acting prowess and wonderful performances. He knows how to fit himself in each role to give his best to the viewers.

3- Origin

Donald Heng’s parents are Chinese. Heng was born in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. His parents were refugees who moved to France during the war in Vietnam.

4- Graduated in Political Science

Here you will be surprised to hear that Donald Heng has completed his bachelors from Simon Fraser University. He did BA (Bachelor of Arts) with the major ‘Political Science’ and among minors, his subject was History.

5- Well-trained Actor

Donald Heng is a well-trained, professional actor who got trained in the field of acting. In 2010, he studied acting from the Actor’s Foundry, which is located in Vancouver, B.C.

6- Dog Lover

Very few people know that Heng is an avid animal lover, but here you will be amazed to know that the Chinese actor is a huge lover of Pet Dogs. Yes… He has a pet dog with whom he shares his photos on social media platforms.

7- Grew up with German Shepherds

Do you want to know more about your favorite celebrity? Let us tell you another surprising fact about him. Heng grew up with German Shepherds but now owns a pug named Sophie.

8- Featured in Netflix Series

Donald Heng has made another wonderful appearance in the Netflix series titled ‘Virgin River’ season 2 for which he is still getting positive feedback. Even his fans can’t stop praising him for his performance.

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