8 Things You Didn’t Know About Eden Campbell

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Eden Campbell Biography

EDEN CAMPBELL is a young actress born in New York, the United States in 1993. The 27-year-old Actress made her debut when she was just 6 years old in Fear Street 2. He parents moved to Seattle, a place near the mountains hence, she loves nature and the beauty of the place there. She once said in an interview that she is glad her parents moved to that place as she had a chance to live close to nature. The rising star is of very jolly nature and down to earth. She was asked in an interview to share one of her funny experiences, she replied childhood is full of funny experiences and so is mine! I was 6 years old when I did my first film. A year later I was told to give an interview for it while I was playing another character So, mixed the two characters while explaining. I later realized what I had done neither the director corrected me for it nor anyone present there. Well, this was actually funny! How can One expect a six-year-old to share his experiences of what they have gone through? It is close to Impossible. Other than talking about her interview, let us talk about the facts that describe her life. The 8 facts that will make us go a fan of hers.

Eden- Campbell American Actress

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Eden Campbell

1- Physique

Eden is slim, smart but not really tall, she is 5 feet and 6 inches. She weighs 55kgs. She is a whitish skin tone with dark brown hair and brown eyes as well.

2- Family life

Well her family is not known to the media as they are not a part of this industry but it is said her younger siblings are also coming in this field.

3- Marital Status

The young actress is still single and ready to mingle as she does not have any relations to anybody. While once she shared that she is focusing on her career life to achieve her career goals.

4- Hobbies

She is very humble and joyous by nature as by living near the mountains one becomes humble and close to nature. However, she loves traveling. She also loves listening to music. What a calm nature you see.

5- Favorite Destination

Her favorite destination is SWITZERLAND. A place that carries most of nature within it. Who does not love traveling here? We wish this Pandemic ends soon!

6- Other Favorites

Talking about her favorites, she loves Eating. She is the foodie in the sense she loves to try new cuisines. Her favorite color is Red. She is seen in Red in most of her shoots as well.

7- Best Known for

She is best known for her character in Fear Street 2. She has also played an amazing character in THEY REACH released in 2020 and also the Z NATION in 2014.

8- Achievements

Well, being such young and talented, she gained name and fame in a very short span of time, she has a huge fan following on her social media accounts and is loved by many which in itself is an achievement one could ask for.

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