8 Things You Didn’t Know About Eliana Sua

Eliana Sua Biography

Eliana Sauniatu Su’a is an American entertainer, known for her roles in Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs and Shaw (2019), Simmer and Potty Time (2011). She was born in Orem, Utah and is the youngest of 3 kins. Her dad is of Samoan-Mexican descent and her mom is of Argentine-Italian descent. Here’s a rundown of the 8 things you didn’t know about her. Eliana Sua

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Eliana Sua

1- Her First Acting Experience At The Age Of 3

Her first acting experience was the point at which she was 3-yrs-old. She was in a video that guardians used to potty-train their children through gesture-based communication and dance. She was not even potty trained at the time.

2- Her Favorite Color

Her favorite color is yellow since it helps her to remember the sun, and the sun fulfills her. Indeed, even the comforter on her bed has a sun with a cheerful face on it.

3- Her Real Name, Origin, Meaning, And Family Background

Her name, “Eliana”, is of Latin origin and means “daughter of the sun”. While her middle name is “Sauniatu”. She named after a lovely town in Samoa where her family members are from. She is a part Samoan/Mexican from her father’s side, and Argentine/Italian from her mother’s side.

4-  She Is So Curious About The Things

She is naturally inquisitive. At the point when she was 4, she stayed at a hotel with her family, when she saw a major red handle and considered what might occur on the off chance that she pulled it. She immediately discovered that it was a fire alarm! The awful thing is, it was 6 am, in the winter and individuals wanted to clear to the outside into the snow. They were disturbed.

5- She Is A Great Dancer As Well

Have you at any point been to a Luau and seen a quick hip-shaking dance? It’s called Tahitian dancing. It’s one of her preferred styles of dancing that she can do. You can also discover her dancing hip-hop, contemporary and the Samoan Siva. Acting and dancing are her preferred activities to do.

6- She’ve Had A Ring In Her Finger For 2.5 Years

She’ve had a similar ring on her finger for 2.5 yrs. furthermore, she intends to wear it until it doesn’t fit any longer. The ring says “CTR” which means Choose The Right. She even wore it in the entirety of her scenes of Hobbs and Shaw.

7- She Loves Seashore

She’ve lived in Florida for a long time. Living near the seashore offers her the chance to figure out how to surf each day. Be that as it may, it wasn’t until she went to Kauai to shoot Hobbs and Shaw that she figured out how to surf! Presently she can barely wait for surf season.

8- She Likes Pickles And Olives

She loves pickles and olives, she could eat them at dinner. She particularly loves the green olives with the peppers in them.  

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