8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Mackey

Emma Mackey, who grew up in northwest France, was primarily concerned with completing her studies and attending university in the United Kingdom. She attended Leeds University and majored in Literature and English before applying to drama school to become an actress.

Although she is private about her personal life, Emma is honest about her meteoric climb to fame, so here is what we know so far.

Emma Mackey
Emma Mackey

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Emma Mackey

1. Born In France But Never Had A French Passport

Emma had planned to leave France when she was seven years old, and she did. Emma told Stylist that she was applying for a French passport for the first time because her family had decided for her to have a British passport. [1]

2. Was Unable To Afford Rent In London

Emma discovered that chasing the dream comes at a high cost. After graduating from Leeds University, the actress moved to London but couldn’t afford to live alone.

3. Worked As A Live In Nanny

Consequently, she stayed at a friend’s house until she got a job as a live-in nanny before quitting to pursue her acting dream. Still, Emma had to stay with friends while attending acting classes. [2]

4. Not Selected In Drama School

After graduating in 2016, the actress applied to theatre school, but she was not admitted. She had been attending theatre classes for a full year, determined to pursue her passion, but yet hopeful that a drama school would admit her.

5. Concerned That She Will Disappoint Her Grand Parents

We all want to appear chaste in the eyes of our grandparents, and Emma was anxious that the series would disappoint her grandparents. They are, thankfully, open-minded, and they even wish they had a show like that when they were younger. [3]

6. Hates Intrusion In Her Privacy

While some celebs don’t mind taking a selfie with you, Emma dislikes having a phone thrust in her face and would rather sit down and talk to someone.

7. Victim Of Sexual Assault

Emma has experienced sexual assault. She doesn’t go into depth about what happened, but she does say that whenever she goes to the club, something bad happens to her or others around her. Emma told the Independent that the storyline was essential to her because of the personal connection. [4]

8. Some Of Her Favourites

Emma can watch “When Harry Met Sally” over and over again and never grow tired of it. When she wants to feel happy, however, she watches “Ratatouille.” She also admires Olivia Colman’s playing abilities, and Greta Gerwig is her movie icon.