8 Things you didn’t know about Engin Akyürek

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Engin Akyurek Biography

Engin Akyurek is a Turkish actor who is known for his excellent performances in different movies and television series. He is among those who got much recognition as he deserved a lot. Moreover, he has been doing remarkable roles in every single time. After hard work, he made a name for himself in the Turkish cinema. However, here’s a list of some more amazing facts you didn’t know about him.

8 Things You Didn't Know About Engin Akyurek

Things you didn’t know about Engin Akyürek

What was the first starring of Engin Akyürek

Engin Akyürek first starred in the famous Turkish television series “Fatmagülün Suçu ne?” opposite Beren Saat which was broadcasted during the years of 2010 to 2012.

The actor is also a social activist

Akyurek is involved in many social works during his spare time, such as the aid campaigns for the earthquake victims in Southwestern Turkey.

His film debut, “Kader” garnered him numerous awards

His outstanding portrayal of Cevat in a Turkish hit film, “Engin Akyurek” garnered him Turkish Cinema Award (SIYAD) for the Most Promising Actor, as well as Turkish Cinema Awards and Cagdas Sinema Oyuncuları Dernegi (CASOD) Awards in 2006. Apart from this the talented actor has also won many awards for his various film and television performances.

What was Engin Akyürek real breakthrough?

He worldwide fame after the breakthrough acting in the much hit Turkish television series “Kara Para Aşk” during the years of 2014 to 2015 which was broadcast in thirty different countries globally.  This drama was also broadcast in Pakistan in Urdu1 television as “Kala Paisa Pyar” where he played the lead role of Omer. The drama won 19 awards in various awards functions whereas he got 10 in which 9 were for the best actor.

He Participated In The Television Competition

After two years of his graduation, he participated in the Turkiye ‘nin Yildizlari (Turkey’s Star) Television competition. Luckily, he won the competition which was a great help to lead him towards the beginning of the career, and he got the first supporting role in the TV series named Yabanci Damat ran from 2004 to 2007, which was produced by Yagmur Taylan and Durul Taylan.

He has a great fond of acting since his teenage

Engin Akyurek has a keen interest in acting since his college day. While studying in the college he also took part in several theater productions. But his real theater work came into being when Akyurek starred as the lead role of Ceto who is a brave neighborhood guy in the original Turker Inanoglu production in the play “Romantika Muzikali’. The play was directed by Sakir Gurzumar in 2007.

By whom Engin Akyürek actor is dating

There are gossips about the Turkish handsome actor’s private life that in 2011 Engin Akyürek is dated with Cansu Taskin. His most recent new about the young actor dating is that Engin has been dating Tuvana Türkay since 2014.

What is Engin Akyürek estimated net worth

It is reported that the actor paid for a surprising amount of salary. He is considered as the 10 best salaries paid actor on the television. Whereas her net worth is 1 million in 2019. The actor also included in the 55 richest actors alive in 2019.

Do you know, he is considered in the smoking celebrities at which rank?

The handsome actor smokes vigorously and considered the 60 most smoking celebrities.



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