8 Things You Didn’t Know About Frank Blake

Frank Blake Biography

Frank Blake, born and raised in Co Clare, brings depth, gravitas, and warmth to a young voice that is truly exceptional. Frank, who received formal training at The Lir Academy (TCD), is already making a name for himself on the Irish stage and screen (Normal People, Bridgerton, Game of Thrones) and is quickly becoming a favorite for both VO and Narrative work in Ireland. His outstanding performances have won the hearts of his fans, who may be interested in learning more about him. As a result, we’ve included some fascinating hidden facts about him below.
Frank Blake
Frank Blake

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Frank Blake

1. His First Role

Frank’s first role was in an East Clare Musical Society production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He was seen flawlessly presenting his acting abilities. That was enough to win the audience’s hearts. [1]

2. What Inspired Him?

His stage fright was alleviated by a role in the musical All Shook Up, which also whet his appetite for theatre and drama. He stated that he has always been interested in theatre. And recalls seeing Conor McPherson’s The Weir, which sparked his own ambitions.

3. Part Of Eight Dramsoc Productions In A Single Year

While Frank studied Drama, German, and Philosophy at NUI Galway for a year, it was the college’s dramatic society that really advanced his theatrical education. He played leading roles in Shakespeare and Brian Friel productions, and he appeared in eight Dramsoc productions in a single year. That was a huge achievement

4. Describes Dublin In A Unique Way

He describes Dublin as “a different kettle of fish altogether” – he had only visited Dublin a few times before but was excited to live there. His advice to students visiting Dublin for the first time is to “be curious” and spend time exploring the city and the university. [2]

5. Strongly Relates To The Book “Normal People”

The actor is a big fan of Rooney’s book “Normal People,” and he tries to get his friends to read it because he thinks Rooney captures the experience of moving from rural Ireland to Trinity so well. One scene, in particular, he identified with – in episode four, Connell walks down Dame St and through the front gates of Trinity for the first time as a student, taking in the moment.

6. Rising Star For 2022

In the hit show ‘Normal People,’ Frank played Alan, the complex brother of leading lady Marianne. This year, film correspondent Donald Clarke predicted big things for Frank in The Irish Times, describing him as “a handsome Clare man with a good line in simmer.” [3]
Frank Blake As Alan
Frank Blake As Alan

7. Privacy Comes First

Although the actor has just started gaining popularity. But it seems like he still believes in keeping his personal life private. As there is not much information about his relationships or family.

8. Prefers To Keep Away From Social Media

As we already said that he’s quite private when it comes to his personal life. Maybe that’s the reason that he prefers to stay away from social media.

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