8 Things You Didn’t Know About Geoffrey Giuliano

Geoffrey Giuliano Biography

The most celebrated, best-loved American actor, Geoffrey Giuliano, is known for his incredibly amazing career journey. He is not just an actor, yet a great author of 2- books, and a well-known radio personality. He has written biographies of many renowned celebrities. He is one of the most talented and most acclaimed actors and authors who have made their career broad. Currently, we can see his wonderful performance in the ongoing series ‘Squid Game’, (2021). There are so many things that people are not aware of about him. And the best is, we are going to share some unknown facts to enlighten you about his personal and professional life. Let’s have a look!
Geoffrey Giuliano

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Geoffrey Giuliano

1- Multiple Talents

Many people know that Geoffrey Giuliano is just an actor, but let us tell you that your all-time favorite man is blessed with multiple talents. Yes… He is also a great author and a renowned radio personality. This is so impressive!

2- Known For

Geoffrey Giuliano has innumerable credits associated with his multiple professions, such as; acting, writing, and radio. But he is best known for appearing in the survival game ‘Netflix series ‘Squid Game’ a South Korean series.

3- Authorship Credits

He is a veteran author who has written 20 books on various genres. On the other hand, Giuliano has numerous publications on digital and print media. Moreover, he particularly writes on the music genre, covers biographies.

4- Popular Biography

Here you will be amazed to know that Geoffrey Giuliano is known for writing the biographies of the music band ‘The Beatles’ members for which he got huge recognition and praise from the readers and his fans.

5- Extensive Career

The dedicated man, Geffrey Giuliano is known for being so dedicated as he has been successfully managing his multiple professions. He is a notable actor, author, and radio personality and made his extensive career by working in such fields.

6- Zodiac Sign

The actor, Giuliano was born on 11th September 1953 in America. According to his date of birth, his zodiac sign is Virgo. Men with Virgo are ambitious, sensitive in nature, bold, and self-made.

7- Family Origin

Guiliano was born in Rochester, NYC, and grew up in the Villages of Albion and Olcott Beach, NYC. He is the youngest amongst five siblings. His father, Joseph Robert Juliana worked as a heating contractor. While he moved to Florida along with his mother, Myrna Oneita Juliana at the age of 12.

8- Interests/Pen Name

Among his other interests, acting has been the first priority. Also, he had a passion for Vedic Philosophy and fine Art Serigraphy. He was born as Jeffrey Juliana but later, he became popular as Geoffrey Giuliano as a pen name.

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