8 Things You Didn’t Know About Gilberto Ortiz

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Gilberto Ortiz Biography

Gilberto Ortiz, one of the best actors in the United States. After participating in a program called “On My Block,” he has received a lot of love from the public.

He has a sizable fan base on social media, and he is praised by a large number of people for his film performances. Below are some interesting facts about him.

Gilberto Ortiz
Gilberto Ortiz

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Gilberto Ortiz

1. Guest Appearance in Series

He made a guest appearance on an episode of the Tv Series “Lady Dynamite 2016” before getting fame in his career. [1]

2. Loved Acting Since Childhood

Gilberto has loved acting since he was a child.  He has always enjoyed acting, and when he was younger, he used to participate in school functions. He has played a number of roles in his career for which he has received a lot of praise from his fans.

3. Best Known Roles

He is best known for his roles in films such as “I Am Gangster”, “Mayans M.C.”, and “Infiltrators”.

Gilberto Ortiz in I am Gangster
Gilberto Ortiz in I am Gangster

4. Social Media Influencer

He has a large social media following and is now a well-known figure known for his work. His Instagram account has a whopping 64.1K followers.

5. No Wikipedia

Although he has received huge praise from his fans the actor’s information is still not given on Wikipedia.

6. Hobbies

Ortiz also stated that singing and traveling are two of his hobbies, indicating that he is musically talented.

7. Pet Lover

He had his pet dog named “Tiger” which shows that he is a pet lover. But, unfortunately, his pet dog died, He also posted about it on his Instagram.

Gilberto with his dog
Gilberto with his dog

8.  Recent Work

The actor was recently seen in a Netflix series  “On My Block” season 3 where he portrayed the role of “Cuete”.


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