8 Things You Didn’t Know About Go Min-Si

Go Min-Si Biography

Go Min-Si may have spent her entire life in South Korea, but she is well-known around the world thanks to her work as an actress. She has quickly established herself as one of the country’s brightest rising stars in just a few years. Her ability to delve deeply into each of her characters has enabled her to bring each story to life with authenticity. Go’s acting career may have begun later than most, but she’s more than willing to make up for a lost time. You’ll undoubtedly be interested in learning some interesting facts about her that we’ve compiled.
Go Min-Si
Go Min-Si

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Go Min-Si

1. Large Social Media Following

Go has achieved superstar status in more places than just the screen. She’s also well-known on social media. She currently has 1.3m Instagram followers, and that number is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

2. Appeared In A Music Video

Go Min-Si’s acting abilities have allowed her to briefly enter the music industry with a music video appearance. She appeared in the music video for Thunder’s song “Sign” in 2016. The video has received over a million views on YouTub since its release.[1]

3. Award Winning Actress

Despite the fact that she is still early in her career, Go’s dedication and talent have already garnered her a lot of attention. There is no better form of recognition in the entertainment industry than winning an award. To date, Go has won a number of awards, including the 2019 “SBS Drama Award” for Best New Actress.

4. A Director

Go’s acting has gotten her a lot of attention since she first started out in the industry, but she doesn’t just want to tell stories in front of the camera. She’s also a director, having debuted in 2016 with the film “Parallel Novel”. [2]

5. Likes Dancing

However, acting and directing aren’t the only ways she enjoys doing so. She also enjoys dancing and, based on her Instagram profile, has had some ballet training.

6. Caught Some Flack For An Old Photo

When a person begins to live in the public eye, everything they do is examined even more. When an old photo of Go drinking at the age of 17 resurfaced, she learned the hard way. Go quickly apologized for the photo and expressed her sincere regret for disappointing her fans.[3]

7. A Fashionista

Clothing serves a purpose other than just keeping people warm. It’s also a new way for people to reveal aspects of their personalities to the rest of the world. This is something Go fully comprehends. She has a great sense of style and is frequently seen wearing the most fashionable outfits.

8. She Would Love To Play An Underdog Character.

Go has already had the opportunity to play some fantastic roles in her career, but there is one more she wants to play. “I especially like those who start from the bottom and achieve their goals by their own means,” Go said to Soompi. I’d like to play an independent woman who is sure of herself and has a strong sense of self.”[4]