8 Things You Didn’t Know About Idalia Valles

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Idalia Valles Biography

Idalia Valles, an American actress, is known for her outstanding work and recognizable performances which makes her stand out. She is such a great actress who is blessed with admiring acting talent. She has been a part of many Hollywood films and television series but is mainly known for appearing in ‘Real Rob’ in 2015,’Con’, in 2015, and many more. There is no doubt that her fans and the viewers are in love with her performances as she plays her roles perfectly. The actress has been ruling on the hearts of many since she started her acting career. Here’s what she has achieved after struggle and now living a dream life that she always wanted to live. Let us give it a read!

Idalia Valles

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Idalia Valles

1- Birth & Nickname

Idalia Valles is based in America. She was born on 25th April 1993, in Houston, Texas, USA where she studied and spent her childhood. She was born as Idalia Valles but not many people know about her nickname ‘Sandy’.

2- Known for

The actress is known for appearing in the most popular television series titled ‘Queen of the South’ which was released in the year 2016. Her best performance was undeniable and this led her to get more fame in her life.

3- Physical Appearance

The actress, Idalia Valles is a lady who is blessed with good looks. She is 5 feet1½ inches tall. The young girl has been doing an amazing job and every time, she steals the hearts of many with her performances.

4- Instagram Fan Following

Idalia Valles has more than 43.8K followers on her Instagram and she loves interacting with them through a variety of posts and enthralling visual stuff. Also, she shares her life events and updates with them.

5- Avid Reader

Idalia Valles is an avid reader and loves reading books in her free time. She has had a habit of reading since her childhood. She often shares her reads with her fans and admirers on her Instagram account. Check it out!

6- Workout Childhood Closet

The actress, Idalia Valles often works out of her childhood closet and often shares her photos on her Instagram while doing different activities. And her fans always appreciate it!


7- Loves Swimming

She loves swimming and whenever she takes time out for herself, she prefers to swim. She believes that swimming is like a whole body workout and it calms her mind.

8- Sociable Person

She is a sociable person who loves attending film parties, events, and often hanging out with her family, friends, and fellow stars. She shares her photos on her Instagram which reveals her life updates.

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