8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jaby Koay

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An American YouTuber, Jaby Koay who is famous for his movie reviewing skills that make him stand out among the crowd. No doubt that Jaby is everyone’s favorite movie reviewer. Here you will be amazed to know that being an American, he reviews Indian movies without understanding the language, he is undoubtedly a GEM and a great filmmaker as well. The star is so popular and came under the spotlight. He often appears in interviews and loves sharing his career journey as he has a deep love for art. However, this does not end here as there are many things to know about your favorite celebrity. And here we are going to share some lesser facts to get to know more about his personal and professional life. So, let us have a look!

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jaby Koay

1- Millions of Subsribers

Jaby Koay is the luckiest man who has not just a huge fan following, yet millions of subscribers on his YouTube channel. He feels great when he observes that people are genuinely interested to hear what he says.

2- Evolution

It was an evolution that he started with short movies and used the most streaming channel, YouTube as a means to showcase his stuff. Gradually, he then started reviewing films and it shows his love for cinema. Likewise, he developed an interest in filmmaking.

3- Experimental Stuff

Once in an interview, the YouTube star revealed that there is a lot of experiential stuff on his channel, as he tried out to figure out his style. He published three short movies, some sketches, a series of reviews, film discussions, and many more.

4- Hobbies

During his spare time, Jaby Koay loves spending his time with his hobbies. And here you will be surprised to know that he loves making YouTube videos in his leisure time. Woww… That’s great!

5- Huge fan of Michael Jackson

Very few people know that Jaby Koay is also a music lover and enjoys music whenever he gets time. And the best is, he is a huge fan of the music maestro Michael Jackson (late) who is no more, but still living in the millions of hearts because of his admiring singing talent.

6- Inspiration

Jaby Koay took inspiration from his father as he was big into films and always wanted to become an actor and director. His father went to film school and was a movie lover. His father had a library of movies and he could have opened his own video store. That’s how everything comes from his father.

7- Visual Person

The most celebrated YouTube star, Jaby Koay is a visual person, and being a film director he feeds off that when he is watching a trailer. That’s what hooked him initially to Indian cinema.

8- Optimist Person

The YouTube star Jaby Koay is an optimist person who has the ability to see the positive side of any situation. He always does his best to approach everything with positive interest and try to interpret what is going on.

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