8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jared Keeso

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Jared Keeso Biography

Jared Keeso, a Canadian actor, describes himself as a well-established actor who has appeared in a number of major films and television series. He has been in the industry for over a decade and has played some well-known roles in films.

He’s since gone on to have a successful career in film and television. Here are eight more facts about Jared Keeso that you probably didn’t know.

Jared Keeso
Jared Keeso

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jared Keeso

1. First Career Choice

The acting was not his first choice of profession. In fact, he had originally planned to pursue a hockey career. He had previously played for the “GOJHL’s Listowel Cyclones” and  “Strathroy Rockets as a teenager”.

2. Appeared In Godzilla

Jump Master in ‘Godzilla’ was one of Keeso’s best film roles. “Max Borenstein,” wrote the screenplay for this 2014 monster movie, which was directed by “Gareth Edwards”.

Jared In Godzilla
Jared In Godzilla

3. Appeared in Two Films Related to Don Cherry

Jared Keeso has played the lead role in two television films about former hockey coach, player, and controversial commentator Don Cherry.

4. Launched ‘Play Fun Games Pictures’

Play Fun Games Pictures was founded by Jared Keeso and Mike Borden in 2013. It featured short video clips of a struggling Canadian farmer. ‘Letterkenny Problems’ was the project’s original name. [1]

5. Animal Advocate

He loves animals and not only this he is also an animal advocate who fully supports animal rights.

6. Awards

Keeso has won a number of awards, including the “Canadian Screen Award” and the “Leo Award”, for his work in the police procedural drama series ’19-2,’. He won the Canadian Screen Award twice and the Leo Award for his work in ‘Letterkenny.’[2]

7. Creator OF letterkenny

He created and wrote the sitcom ‘Letterkenny,’ in which he also acted. The show was a huge hit and even won a few awards.

8. Features Canadian Music

Jared Keeso selects the music for the show with great care, and whenever possible, he uses music by independent Canadian artists. Many of the memorable songs used in the show will be familiar to fans, including Girlfriend Material’s “Okay Okay”, Milk & Bone’s “Pressure”, and many others.

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