8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jasmine Kaur

Jasmine Kaur Biography

The stunning American actress, Jasmine Kaur, who is known for her incredible talent, born and grew up in Atlanta, Georgia. Kaur’s works represent equality through multi-cultural education. She is of South Asian descent. The most talented actress has an impressive educational background in Psychology and Theatre. Her educational background and broad experience helped to make her career prolific. She has achieved much so far during her career life and still, looking forward to getting more golden opportunities to work on. However, the actress has established her identity and holds a special place in many hearts. Well, there is much more to know about the gorgeous beau, so let us have a look! Jasmine Kaur

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jasmine Kaur

1- Launched a Company

Jasmine Kaur launched a company named ‘Jakasi Films’ with the purpose of creating film communities in those areas across the globe where people are deprived of all this. There is no doubt that she is doing an amazing job.

2- Multi-talented Star

Jasmine Kaur’s skills are not limited to just acting, yet she is an adorable writer and successful film director as well who has directed many films including ‘Amoli’, ‘Highway 5’, and others for which she got much recognition from everyone.

3- Multi-lingual

Jasmine Kaur has another talent as she is also a multi-lingual and has command over multiple languages including English, Hindi, Punjabi, Greek, French, and Spanish. Among many achievements, she has linguistic and literacy achievements as well that encouraged her to learn these languages.

4- Co-produced a Short Film

In 2018, the pretty awesome actress unveiled her other side and worked on the short film named ‘Street Ships’ for which she got acclaimed and appreciated by a huge audience in India.

5- Appearances in TV Shows

Alongside all professions, Jasmine Kaur also appeared in television shows including ‘Revolution’, ‘Reckless’, ‘The Ice Queen’, ‘Dabsity’, ‘Doom Patrol’, and others that are worth watching.

6- Most Appreciated Performance

In 2013, the stunning American actress portrayed the role of Catherine in a television series ‘Stuff You Should Know’ for which she got the audience’ love and appreciation for her tremendous performance that won the hearts of many.

7- Loves Gymming

Jasmine Kaur loves gymming and daily workouts to keep herself fit, active, and toned. She believes that regular exercise helps to stay fit and healthy not just physically, yet mentally as well.

8- Known for

Jasmine Kaur is popularly known for being an amazing, talented celebrity star who flaunts the unlimited skills that set her apart among others. She is among the ones who have built their own identity on their own.

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