8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessica Chastain 

Jessica’s full name is Jessica Michelle Chastain she is an American actress and a film producer. She was initially known for her acting in films that have feminist themes in them.

Jessica Chastain was born on March 24, 1977, in Sacramento, California, USA. She is 45 years old. If you are willing to know more about her, then you will find these 8 facts interesting about her. 

Jessica Chastain
Jessica Chastain

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jessica Chastain 

1. Her Married Life

Jessica Chastain is a well-known actress, who is known for her amazing acting skills. She married Gian Luca Passi de Preposulo in the year 2017. They have a child whose name is Giulietta Passi di Preposulo.

2. Couldn’t Graduate Due To Her Father’s Death

Her father died when she was very young so she always feel lonely and considered herself a misfit in school. She could not graduate from high school but later on, she acquired an adult Diploma. She was, later on, took admission to Sacramento city college and studied there from 1996 to 1997. [1]

3. Acting Journey

Jessica developed an interest in acting from a very young age and she made her first professional stage debut in the year 1998 as Shakespeare’s Juliet. Jessica Chastain made her first film debut at the age of 31 in the year 2008 in Dan Ireland’s drama Jolene, based on a short story. In the year 2010, Jessica acted in John Maden’s dramatic thriller, The Debt. 

4. A Feminist 

Jessica is recognized as a feminist. Besides being a brilliant actress, she also frequently discussed women’s discrimination. She strictly follows feminism and she thinks that all women should have equal rights and opportunities in Hollywood. She is a promoter for greater gender balance on sets which includes more women representation on film crews. [2]

5. Animal Lover 

As we know that Jessica is an outstanding actress and a feminist but also she is an animal lover too. She loves dogs and she has adopted a rescue dog once. In a lot of her Instagram posts, she showed her love for animals, especially dogs. [3]

6. Loves Traveling On Ships 

Jessica Chastain, besides being an actress is a traveling person too. She loves traveling on ships and boats, enjoying the fresh air. She shared her pictures of traveling on ships frequently on her Instagram posts. [4]

7. Loves Playing With Snow 

Chastain is a woman who loves to play with snow after the snowfall. In her Instagram post, she shared a video in which she is playing with the snow and trying to make a snowman. She looked really happy in that video which shows how much she enjoys playing with snow.


8. Ambitious Dancer 

As we know that Jessica Chastain is a great actress and a feminist too but besides being an actress she is a great dancer also. Before she started her acting career, she appeared to be an encouraging dancer and she also belonged to a dance troupe by the age of 13. 

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