8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ji Sung

Ji Sung Biography

Ji Sung is a South Korean actor who works in television. He has landed a number of acting roles as a result of his exceptional acting abilities. And, thankfully, he has established himself as the best actor in South Korea’s entertainment industry. You might be interested in learning some interesting facts about him that you probably didn’t know before. We’ve talked about them below.
Ji Sung
Ji Sung

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ji Sung

1. His Real Name

Kwak Tae-Geun was born on February 27, 1977, in Seoul, South Korea. When he made his acting debut, his manager considered changing his name to Chae Ji-sung, but they ultimately decided to drop the “Chae.”

2. Childhood Ambition

His childhood ambition was to play baseball. His first love was this. He was invited to throw the first pitch for the Doosan Bears at the 2017 Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) League’s opening match between the Doosan Bears and the Hanwha Eagles in 2017.

3. His First Starring Role

The 1999 series “KAIST” marked his acting debut. But it was the series “Splendid Days” that gave him his first starring role, in which he was paired with actress Gong Hyo-jin. Since then, he’s become a favorite leading man in K-dramas, with new shows debuting almost every year.

4. Breakthrough Drama

“All In” is widely regarded as his breakthrough drama. In the 2003 action-romance-drama series set in the competitive world of gambling. Today, he is regarded as one of the top Korean actors capable of playing a variety of roles in genres ranging from rom-com to drama, thriller, medical, or legal.

5. His First Legal Drama

His first legal drama, “The Devil Judge,” is not his first. In 2017, he starred in “Innocent Defendant” as a prosecutor and the head of the violent crimes investigative division. There, he displayed such emotional depth as his character, who is also a loving father, is imprisoned and later suffers from amnesia. He also appeared as a prosecutor in the 2011 melodrama “Royal Family.”

6. Influenced And Inspired By Hollywood

The American road drama film “Rain Man,” directed by “Barry Levinson” and starring “Dustin Hoffman” and “Tom Cruise”, played a role in introducing him to the craft of acting. Hoffman’s portrayal of a man with savant syndrome left him speechless. He eventually immersed himself in the world of acting, studying Theater and Film at Hanyang University.

7. Not The First Choice For “Kill Me, Heal Me”

Other actors, such as “Hyun Bin” and “Lee Seung-gi”, were initially considered for the role in this 2015 series. Hyun Bin eventually accepted a similar role in the K-drama “Hyde Jekyll, Me,” which debuted the same year. “Kill Me, Heal Me,” a healing rom-com had casting issues, but Ji Sung didn’t mind that he wasn’t the first (or even second) choice and still took the role.

8. His Parents Wants Him To Be a Teacher

Kwak Tae-parents Geun’s were both educators, and they expected him to follow in their footsteps. However, his father bought him a VCR during his sophomore year of high school, and the first movie he rented was Rain Man. Dustin Hoffman’s acting made such an impression on him that, despite his father’s objections, he decided to pursue a career as an actor. [1]