8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jill Frappier

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Jill Frappier Biography

Jill Frappier is a voice actress who is of British Nationality and Canadian descent. She was born in England’s state Romsey, Hampshire, on the 7th of October, in the year 1944. Jill is currently 76 years old and soon she will hopefully be celebrating her 77th birthday. In the year 1967, at the age of 23, Frappier shifted to Canada in order to work at the British pavilion as a British hostess. In the same year she met Roger Frappier and that was the start of her love life along with her career while Roger was also trying to pursue his career as a director. Jill Frappier was formerly known for her role as a voice actor of Luna in the Sailor Moon, Mrs. Prysselius in Pippi Longstocking, the title character in Keroppi and Friends, Miss Finch in Birdz, Aunty in Pecola, Doucette in Anatole, and Fifi in Hello Kitty and Friends. She has also made an appearance on the television in movies like The Dating Guy, Wind at My Back, TekWar, The Twilight Zone, Friday the 13th: The Series, Spearfield’s Daughter, Night Heat, The Hitchhiker, The Jon Dore Show, and Beyond Reality. Frappier became more famous for her work as a voice actor for a series named Imperfect Union: Canadian Labour and the Left which was a four-part film. The voice actress is currently running her own class of drama in Toronto, Ontario, Canada which is named Dragontrails Drama.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jill Frappier

1- Height and Weight

The old actress has a medium height of 5 feet and 4 inches. Some people have noticed the decrease in her height as she has grown older which is quite normal for people her age but the height does not matter because we love her in any way. She is 50 kgs in weight and had faced a lot of weight loss in past years because of the change in diet.

2- Beautiful Physical Appearance

Jill is still beautiful and looks gorgeous with a slim body and all the wrinkles on her face and around her eyes. She still maintains herself quite well and loves to keep herself up to date. She has Greyish White hair and Light brown and attractive big eyes.

3- Family Background

The talented voice actress does not have any Industrial Background. She has worked her way up in the Industry with her own hard work and passion. She also faced difficulties but in the end, she believes all the hard time she faced was worth it and does not matter in front of what she has now. Her family is not known to the media because in her long career she never felt the need to disclose about them.

4- Love Life

At the age of 23, Jill Frappier fell in love with a fellow worker Roger Frappier at first sight. They both started dating in no time and then they both decided to get married. Their love story was successful and they both became soul mates for their whole life till now.

5- Pastime Activities

Along with voicing, Jill loves to sing. She sings in her free time and likes to keep it that way. Singing was her passion since her childhood and she wants to keep it as passion only and did not ever want to make it her profession. She also loves to read and read books every day before her bedtime.

6- Favorites

Jill Frappier is a non-vegetarian and her favorite is everything that is non-vegetarian. Her favorite color is Grey while her favorite destination is her homeland that is Canada. She does not like to travel much but she can travel anywhere with her family.

7- Avid Social Media User

@JillObjets is the Twitter handle of Jill Frappier. She is not active on any other social media platform but is very active on Twitter and posts everything about her daily life there.

8- Best Known For

The versatile voice actress is famous for many of her voice acting projects but the main project which became the source of her fame and name she has gained was In Praise of Older Women which she did in the year 1978.

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