8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jon-Michael Ecker

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Jon-Michael Ecker Biography

Jon- Michael William Ecker, popularly known as Jon-Michael Ecker, is a Brazilian, and based in America. He has worked in many films but is mainly known for portraying the role of Aaron ‘Ari Morales’ in ‘Poland’. Also, he has acted in the telenovela named ‘Corazon Valiente’ and many others that are worth watching. He has been giving heart-winning performances that enthrall the larger audience. Even his fans can’t stop praising him for his achievements. His career journey is so interesting and many people don’t know about it. For them, here we are going to share some lesser facts we have compiled. Let us give it a read!

jon-michael ecker

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Jon-Michael Ecker

1- Notable Works

Jon- Michael Ecker is known for appearing in the most popular television series named ‘Queen of the South’ in which he acted alongside other biggies including Idalia Valles. Undoubtedly, their performances were undeniable.

2- Birth & Star Sign

The charming actor was born on 16th March 1983, in Brazil. According to his date of birth, his zodiac sign is Pisces. He is intense and adventurous nature characterizes his personality.

3- Hobbies

During his free time, the actor, Jon-Michael Ecker loves watching movies, hanging out with his friends and fellow stars, and listening to the music of his all-time favorite singers.

4-  He & Guy Ecker

Here you will be amazed to know that your favorite actor, Jon-Michael Ecker is the son of the renowned Brazilian actor, Guy Ecker. He has been following in his footsteps to establish his identity like his father.

5- Fitness Lover

Jon-Michael Ecker is a fitness lover and you can see his workout posts on his Instagram account. He often shares his workout and running photos of himself with his fans and followers on his Instagram account.


6- Instagram Family

Jon-Michael Ecker has more than 227K followers,201 following, and 1,079 posts on his Instagram account. He loves connecting with them via entertaining stuff he uploads on his Instagram.

7- Before Acting

Here you will be surprised to know that your most favorite celebrity, Jon-Michael Ecker used to work as a Marine Biologist, and after his retirement, he then joined acting as a career.

8- Pet Lover

We are going to tell you another unknown fact about him. Jon-Michael Ecker is a pet lover. He loves horses with whom he loves spending his weekends. Also, he shares his photos on his Instagram. Check it out!

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