8 Things you didn’t know about Joshua Bassett

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Joshua Bassett Biography

Joshua Bassett is a teenage American actor who was born in Oceanside, California, his parents are Taylor and Laura Bassett. He belongs to a big family, as there are eight family members. Apart from acting, he is also a good musician and singer.

Things you didn’t know about Joshua Bassett

Here are 8 things about Joshua Bassett probably didn’t know.

1. How famous is Joshua Bassett teenage actor?

Joshua has attracted a large number of his followers in a very short span of time during which he has worked in the entertainment business. He is following by 257k followers on his official Instagram account and 7,769 followers on twitter.

2. Joshua Bassett upcoming breakthrough performance

Joshua Bassett is best known for outstanding portrayal of Ricky who is a skater guy and the student of high school in the television series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”. The show was aired since 2019 and is continuing now. He played opposite Olivia Rodrigo as Nini in which Ricky decides to audit for his first-ever musical production in his school to impress his ex-girlfriend.


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3. He has performed in a huge number of theater shows

Joshua Bassett began his career as a child artist at his seven with the theater show where there was no other chance in the live performance when you forgot your line. Now then, he has performed in a huge number of theatre shows that is over thirty musical theatre productions in which he has showed his talent.

4. How long Joshua has been the part of show business

Joshua was no longer being part of the show business and being a professional actor just since 2015. He started his career with a short film Limbo in which he played Caleb. While these four years of a short period of his teenage life in the show business, Joshua has done such a remarkable work in this field. Whereas on the television screen he span his career from 12 years to now.

5. Who is Joshua Bassett best friend?

Joshua T. Bassett and ‘Andi Mack of Disney Channel are good friends and they enjoy their life behind the scenes of the camera, all together.

6. He is under the age of 20s

Joshua T. Bassett is one of the famous actors of the teenage, he was born on 22nd December 2000. Now, the actor is at the age of 18 years but very soon he will be at 19 years.

7. Joshua Bassett has five sisters

He is the only brother of five sisters, as he belongs to a big family Josh says that they “keep me in check.” Her sisters is also acted in the theater along with him.

8. How worthy is Joshua Bassett?

He is considered one of the high paid teenage actors, as he paid the amount for casting an episode, is 6K to 8K US dollar. His net worth reportedly is approximately US$ 200-250 which he has earned through his acing debuts.

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