8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kaylee Bryant

Kaylee Bryant Biography

Kaylee Bryant isn’t new to the small screen, but her role as Josie Saltzman in The Vampire Diaries spin-off Legacies has helped her become one of the show’s biggest breakout stars. Let’s look at some lesser-known facts about this talented actress below.
Kaylee Bryant
Kaylee Bryant

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kaylee Bryant

1. Used To Fake Illness In Her Childhood

In an interview with Avante, the actress admitted to pretending to be sick in order to stay at home and watch cartoons. Mulan was her role model from the many Disney movies she watched.[1]

2. Appreciator Of Coming Out Stories

Kaylee understands how difficult it can be for people who are afraid of being labeled as odd because of their contradictory stories. As a result, she enjoys the fact that her character, Josie, contributes to the story of a girl who has a girlfriend but is still interested in a boy.

3. Talented Musician

Kaylee is more than just a pretty face with acting skills; she can also sing. Kaylee shows off her musical talents on YouTube by singing and strumming her guitar. [2]

4. Home Schooled

Since she began her modeling and acting career early, Therefore the actress was homeschooled from the age of 12. The young lady must be bright because she started high school at the age of 15 and went straight to junior year.

5. Was A Model

Kaylee was already making money as a model at the age of seven. She began modeling when she walked the “Ralph Lauren” runway and did print campaigns for the company for seven seasons. She realized by the age of ten that she was so at ease on the set that she wanted to do more.

6. Fearless To Achieve Her Goals

No career is easy; even glamorous Hollywood, as most actors will admit, has its challenges. Kaylee, on the other hand, believes that once you’ve made up your mind about something, you should be fearless in pursuing it. She believes that passion is what motivates you to achieve your goals.

7. Her Disney Experience

Kaylee’s first Disney Channel episode was when she was 12 years old, and the experience helped her to feel at ease in her own skin. The channel was a learning ground for Kaylee, and each character she played brought with it a new experience.

8. Fights A lot With Her Brother

She values the fact that her brother, Kane Kaneshiro, is so intelligent that if they were stranded on an island alone, he could get them out in less than 24 hours. Despite his admirable intelligence, the last person Kaylee would want to be alone on an island with is Kane. They would kill each other before getting help, she said