8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kranti Redkar

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Kranti Redkar Biography

The gorgeous actress Kranti Redkar is known for her wonderful talents as she is not just famous for being an actress, yet a singer and filmmaker. She predominantly works in Marathi theatre, television, and movies. The actress is known for her performance in the Marathi song titled ‘Kombdi Palali’ from the film named ‘Jatra’. Well, apart from this, there are many popular credits associated with her career. And here we are going to share some lesser things that you didn’t know before!

Kranti Redkar


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kranti Redkar

1- Kranti Redkar is Leo

Kranti Redkar’s zodiac sign is Leo. Women born under the sign of Leo are strong and fearless. And the actress possesses both qualities.

2- She loves dancing and traveling

We are sure you want to know how she spends her leisure time. Let us tell you that Redkar loves spending her leisure-time dancing and traveling.

3- She is so religious

Once in an interview, the actress shared that she is kind of a religious person and has a strong faith in God. She practices all Hindu customs and traditions.

4- She put her heart into her work

As a passionate and dedicated actress, Kranti Redkar put her heart into her work and this makes her unique among others. Her dedication and continuous effort pays off.

5- Keen lover of romantic movies and songs

When it comes to her favorite genre of movies and songs, she expresses her love for watching romantic movies and listening to songs.

6- She is a pet lover

Kranti Redkar is a pet lover. She often participates in PETA organization’s awareness sessions they conduct for raising awareness about animal rights.

7- Kranti Redkar is a fitness lover

Being a fitness lover, Kranti Redkar takes care of her overall weight and body. She loves doing yoga, meditation, and regular workout.

8- Her favorite workouts

Redkar’s favorite workouts include treadmills and yoga. She also loves cardio and regular walks. It seems she is so concerned about her physical and mental health.

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