8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kyle Schmid

Kyle Schmid, a former Disney star, is making waves now that he’s moved past his days of kid playing and into bigger, more serious roles. He gained notoriety for his performance in “The Covenant” in 2006, but he has been performing ever since.

His transition from Disney to the big screen to Netflix is virtually a sign that an actor has succeeded in today’s market. Although his name may not be as well known as his face, he is someone it would be worthwhile to get to know a little better.

Kyle Schmid
Kyle Schmid

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Kyle Schmid

1. Grew Up Playing Soccer

Although not professionally, he did play soccer growing up. Although we don’t know if he ever imagined becoming successful in it, it was his sport. [1]

2. Nailed The Role Of A Navy SEAL

Everyone is aware that the Navy SEALS are arguably the strongest, fastest, and a most gifted bunch of men in the armed forces, and he had the opportunity to play the part of a lifetime as a member of SEAL Team Six in the History Channel series SIX.

Schmid's Role In Six
Schmid’s Role In Six

3. Got Training As SEAL

Former Navy SEAL Commander Mark Divine is the founder of his own organization, SealFit, which offers a training regimen he created. All of the men on the show were trained by him to perform the tasks required of them. [2]

4. Can Make Better Decisions

He discovered while preparing for SIX that, despite his perceptions to the contrary, he has a lot of control over it. He has a lot of confidence in his capacity to make sound decisions. He’s never been better at them than he is right now.

5. A Piece Of Advice From Him

He provides some advice for individuals who want to dedicate some time to develop their acting skills. Never surrender. Simply keep moving. Work hard and have faith that your time will come if you keep working hard and doing your part. [3]

6. Adore His Little Niece

Even though he doesn’t have any children of his own, he has a niece who has completely changed his life. She was born at the beginning of 2019, and ever since he met her, he has changed. Paxton is her name, and he is completely smitten with the adorable infant.

7. Dog Lover

As can be seen on his Instagram, Kyle loves animals and has a black dog named Cali. He typically leaves his house in the evening and travels to nearby locations with his dog.

Kyle with his dog Cali
Kyle with his dog Cali

8. Learned A lot From His Training

He discovered during his time in the SIX training programme that when your body feels exhausted and you are unable to continue, you have completed around 40% of what you are capable of.

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