8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Hammersley

Lauren Hammersley Biography

Lauren Hammersley has an acting resume that isn’t extensive, but sometimes less is more. Lauren’s roles over the years have provided her with numerous opportunities to showcase her acting abilities, which she possesses in spades. Her ability to play a variety of characters has helped her stand out, and viewers can always count on her to deliver a stellar performance. As a result, she has a large fan base, for whom we’ve compiled a list of interesting unknown facts about her.
Lauren Hammersley
Lauren Hammersley

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lauren Hammersley

1. Never Attended A Drama School

Enrolling in and completing a prestigious drama program is often the final step for many actors before breaking into the professional acting world. Lauren, on the other hand, appears to have taken a different path. She did not attend drama school, as far as we know, but she did receive acting training in Toronto.

2. Started Acting At Early Age

Lauren knew she wanted to be an actress since she was a child. The actress got her start when she was 12 years old and was cast in a school play. She later appeared in a commercial for the toy Fantastic Sand Surprises. [1]

3. Strong Supporter Of The Fight To  End Racism

Lauren does not back down from expressing herself. She has been outspoken on a number of issues and is a staunch supporter of the fight to end racism and achieve equal human rights.

4. She’s Also Got Some Photography Skills

Lauren is equally at ease behind the camera as she is in front of it. She is not only an actress but also a photographer. And she enjoys capturing the beauty of nature and anything else that catches her eye.

5. Her Love For Dogs Is Endless

While there is obviously much more to a person than their preferred pet, it is always an interesting fact. Lauren is a proud dog person who has her own fur baby, in case anyone was wondering.
Lauren With a Dog
Lauren With a Dog

6. Loves Spending Time Outside

Lauren is the type of person who enjoys spending time outside and has a deep appreciation for nature. When the weather is nice, she is usually found outside enjoying it. She enjoys a variety of activities such as hiking, scuba diving, boating, and jet skiing.
Lauren Enjoying Her Time Outside
Lauren Enjoying Her Time Outside

7. Yoga Makes Her Feel Good

No matter how much you enjoy what you do or how content you are with your life, it is always important to make time for the things that make you happy. Yoga is one of those things for Lauren, and she tries to do it as often as she can.

8. Worked At A Lingerie Store

Lauren, like many others, has had several pretty unique jobs throughout her life. She listed her first five jobs, one of which was working at a lingerie store. Working at a plant nursery and as a barista were two of her other early occupations.


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