8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lisa Palfrey

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Lisa Palfrey Biography

Lisa Palfrey was born in Wales, United Kingdom on 9th February 1967. She is Welsh Actress and her Nationality is British. Lisa is 54 years old and is still working in the Industry. She is the daughter of Eiry Palfrey, who herself was an actress and a famous author. In 1987, at the age of 20, Lisa started acting by playing the role of Jane Sanderson, who was a 15-year-old girl in the television series on BBC One called The District Nurse. In the film named The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But came down a Mountain, she got her first lead role and this film which was released in the year 1995, this film was the actual turning point of Palfrey’s acting career. Lisa Palfrey also has a daughter named Lowri Palfrey but the father of her child is not known. Lisa has always been beautiful since the start of her career and is still keeping herself well maintained which is very inspiring for all the ladies out there of her age. Lisa believes we should look beautiful for ourselves and not for others.

We understand that sometimes we admire and love our celebrities so much that they become our ideal and we want to know each and every little detail about them and their life. So, here we are with some facts we could gather about Lisa Palfrey.

Lisa Palfrey

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Lisa Palfrey

1- Lovely Physique and Personality

The talented Actress is 5 feet and 4 inches tall. She maintains herself well enough to look fit and smart with a very slim body type. Her weight is 62 kgs and surprisingly she is not getting weak with age which is really good even for her health.

2- Blonde and Beautiful

The 54-year-old actress is the real definition of beauty in all manners. Her personality is beautiful, her heart is beautiful and even her looks are beautiful. She has really beautiful blonde hair and her eyes are blue which can fascinate anyone.

3- Prioritizes Education

Lisa is a High School Gradus always focused on her studies. She completed her early education at Ysgol Gyfun Llanhari, which is a secondary school based on the Welsh language near Pontyclun.

4- Industrial Background

Yes, Lisa Palfrey indeed has a background in the Industry which means she does have relatives who are or have been actors, but we are glad to say that Lisa never tried to take advantage of this and earned everything on her own through hard work and passion. She is the daughter of an amazing author and an actress Eiry Palfrey. She herself has a daughter who is also an actress named Lowri Palfrey.

5- Doubtful Love Life

Though we are not sure about her marital status but we guess that she is Married. Neither her husband is known to anyone nor has she made any statement about her personal life. She does have a daughter and we hope everything is well between her and her husband if she is married.

6- Hobbies and Favourites

Her hobby is Reading in her free time while singing is also her passion. Along with this, she is a foodie and loves to eat delicious non-vegetarian food on her cheat days in the diet. Apart from food, she loves to travel and her favorite destination is London while her favorite color is white which is the color of purity and undoubtedly she is a pure-hearted person.

7- Best Known and Well-Praised Performances

The Versatile old actress is best known for portraying many roles in several movies and series, some of them are House of America in which she played the character of Gwenny and was released in 1997, On number two there is Guest House Paradiso as Mrs. Nice in the year 1999, On number three Pride as Maureen in 2014, And then in Under Milk Wood as Mrs. Dai Bread 1 in the year 2015. Lately, she performed as Cynthia in Sex Education which was a television series on Netflix, and also in series named COBRA as Eleanor James.

8- Avid Social Media User

The actress, Lisa Palfrey is active on 2 social media platforms are Twitter and Instagram. She posts a lot about her personal life to share it with her fans and followers. Her Instagram handle is named as @lisa.palfrey.66 and her Twitter account is @lisapalfrey.

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