8 Things You Didn’t Know About Luv Sinha

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Luv Sinha is an Indian actor who works in the Hindi cinema where he did a few films. While he took the start of his career through a film named ‘Sadiyaan’ which was released in the year 2010. Also, he acted in the film named ‘Paltan’ which was directed by J.P.Dutta and was released in the year 2018. Apart from acting, he established himself as a great politician as well. In 2020, he took part in the 2020 Bihar Legislative Assembly Election from INC in Bankipur Constituency. But he then lost against Nitin Nabin from BJP by 39, 036 votes. Well, this is not the end of his career but the beginning of the new, exciting ventures. So, if you are one of his fans, here is a treat for you as we have compiled some lesser facts to get to know about him. Let us give it a read!

Luv Sinha

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Luv Sinha

1- Comes from a family of Artists

Luv Sinha comes from a family of artists as he is the son of the veteran actor, Shatrughan Sinha who has worked in the Hindi cinema for a long. His mother’s name is Poonam Sinha. While his sister, Sonakshi Sinha is also a great, celebrated film actress who is working in Bollywood cinema. Among his other siblings, Kush Sinha.

2- Twin Siblings

Here you will be surprised to hear that Luv Sinha has two twin siblings, Kush Sinha (a brother) and Sonakshi Sinha (a sister) who is also a successful actress.

3- Avid Traveler

Luv Sinha has a deep love for traveling as being an avid traveler, he loves to explore people’s lifestyle and their cultures and traditions. You can get an idea after seeing his Instagram account that how much he is passionate for traveling.

4- Instagram Lover

Sinha is an Instagram lover who not just loves to explore different places, yet loves posting photos on his Instagram account where he is connected with millions of his fans and followers who never stop praising him.

5- Handsome Hunk

Luv Sinha is a handsome hunk as he is blessed with a charming and dashing personality. Not only this, but he has good looks and that’s the reason, he is a crush of many young girls. Wow…But we don’t know who will be his life partner?

6- Physical Appearance

Sinha is the lead actor of the film named ‘Sadiyaan’ who was born on 5th June 1983 in India. While his physical appearance is 5 feet 6 inches tall and his weight is 121 pounds approximately. And that’s perfect according to men’s BMI.

7- Net Worth

Not exactly, but just the estimation of his net worth is approximately $2 million. After adding his father’s and sister’s networth, it will be more than $37 million. That’s good to know!

8- Special Bonding with Sonakshi

The actor, Luv Sinha shares strong bonding with Sonakshi Sinha. They want to appear together in the Bollywood film and soon, their fans will watch them together on the big screen. That’s Exciting news!

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