8 Things You Didn’t Know About Maite Perroni

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Maite Perroni Biography

Maite Perroni Beorlegui or Maite Beorlegui Perroni who is known as Maite Perroni is an actress who belongs to Mexico. Along with being a Mexican actress, she is also a songwriter, singer, and producer. Maine was born on 9th March, in the year 1983, and is 38 years old according to the year 2021. She was born in Mexico City, Mexico but was brought up in Guadalajara. At the age of 12, she along with her family shifted back to Mexico City. Perroni has wanted to become an actor since her early childhood and she also did some music videos and tv commercials too before actually starting her career. She was implicated in acting, singing, dancing, and art in school also. The actual start of her career was back in the year 2004 when she started doing several tv series and she got famous internationally in the year 2005. Maine Perroni enrolled in the CEA which means Centro de Educacion Artistica, after her high school graduation. CEA is an acting school which Televisa runs, there she enrolled in a three-year course which she by her brilliance completed in two years. After she graduated from this school she appeared in the Mexican telenovela Rebelde in the role of Guadalupe ‘Lupita’ Fernandez.

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8 Things You Didn’t Know About Maite Perroni

1- Lovely Physique and Personality

The young and beautiful actress is 5 feet and 3 inches which is not too tall. Her weight is just 56 kgs because she is a fitness freak and looking fit and smart is all she wants and maintains herself well enough. She has a slim body type.

2- Bold and Beautiful

The 38-year-old actress is beautiful from inside and out. She has really beautiful black hair and shiny black eyes with a beautiful heart. She is very bold and confident in nature and is not scared to try out different things and know herself better.

3- Marital Status and Love Life

Maine Perroni is currently single and not married. Though she was in a relationship with a fellow songwriter and producer Koko Stambuck since 2013 sadly they broke up after seven years in the year 2020 due to some unknown reasons.

4- Prioritizes Education

She has always been a bright student and Education is something that she has always prioritized since childhood. Though she always wanted to become an actress, still that did not stop her from completing her education and getting a degree. Even after completing her high school graduation she did not step into the Industry directly but went for schooling for this too.

5- No Industrial Background

Yes, Maite Perroni certainly does not have any Industrial background. She does not have any kind of relatives who are or have been actors to support her and make her career. She had to work hard all by herself and achieve everything that she has today and become what she is today. She believes in herself and that is the real power for her that can make her do anything.

6- Well-Praised Performances, Awards, and Recognition

In 2009, Maite Perroni attained honor when Univision titled her ‘The New Queen of Telenovelas’. Later, she won the award for Best Actress of the year by Premios TVyNovelas in 2016 for her performance in Antes muerta que Lichita. Lately, she starred in the Mexican Netflix series Dark Desire and got quite famous for it. ‘Eclipse De Luna’, Perroni’s first solo album was released in the year 2013 after signing a contract with Warner Music Group in the year 2012.

7- Hobbies and Favourites

Her favorite pastime hobby is photography. She loves to capture the beauty all around and also her special moments or snaps of her daily life. She is so passionate about this that she has started vlogging so that she can share that photography passion with is too. Other than that, her favorite food is Thai. She loves to eat Thai and can eat it every day.

8- Avid Social Media User

Perroni is active on all the famous social media platforms. She loves posting stuff from her daily life on these platforms and shares every moment of life with her fans, subscribers, and followers. She is active on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and also on Snapchat and has a huge fan following.

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