8 Things You Didn’t Know About Marc Weiner

Marc Weiner Biography

Marc Weiner is an American Comedian, Actor, and Puppeteer. He was born on 17th May 1955. His zodiac sign is Taurus. He was born in Queens, New York, United States. He has also worked as a television producer. This great personality started working in 1981 and is working till present. He has also worked as a background voice artist for many famous programs for children. Well, if you have watched DORA THE EXPLORER and GO DIEGO GO! You would be amazed to know the voices behind The Map and Swiper the Fox was none other than this Talented celebrity Marc Weiner. He was the first person to start street comedy with Robin Williams. Weiner also started a Children’s Television series called WEINEEVILLE on Nickelodeon which was a hit for his career. Well, we would also like to share some of the facts of his life that conclude his life and make you know better about him. Marc weiner actor

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Marc Weiner

1- Physical Appearance

Marc Weiner is a tall and handsome guy who is very lively by nature, of course, he is a Comedian. He is young at heart. His height is 5 feet and 9 inches. Weighs 75kgs. He is 66 years old now but you can not say looking at his face as it is still fresh and young. His hair color is brown and his eye color is also Brown.

2- Family

His family includes his parents and his 2 siblings, his brothers. His parents are unknown as they do not belong to this field while his 2 brothers are JONAS WEINER and JESS WEINER.

3- Marital Status

Weiner married to the love of his life SANDRA WEINER. He has 3 children and is living a happily ever after! His children include Max Weiner, Rebecca Weiner, and Sara Weiner.

4- Hobbies

His hobbies besides writing scripts and Performing comedy also include Cycling, listening to good music, and spending time with his loved ones. Well, He is truly an ideal man!

5- Best Known for

He is best known for his Children’s Television series WEINEEVILLE, which was aired from 1993 till 1996 on Nickelodeon. This show was based on a Giant puppet stage that was designed like a city named Weinerville. It was hosted and created by himself.

6- His Performances

Other than Weinerville, he has also worked in many shows and wrote many scripts. He often made an appearance in SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE. He also worked in ROCKIN ROCKO and TONY. He also made a guest appearance as himself in Cartoon network show TERMINAL.

7- Voiceover Artist

He has also worked as a voice-over artist in many shows like DORA THE EXPLORER, GO DIEGO GO!, DORA and the lost city of gold, Christmas with the Penners, Home for the Holidays, and Merry Christmas.

8- Awards of Appreciation

He has been appreciated World wide for his performances but talking about rewards, he has received  Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for his performance in WEINERVILLE in 1994.

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