8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mini Mathur

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Mini Mathur Biography

An Indian actress, model, and host, Mini Mathur has been enjoying her successful life as she worked as a host, model, and actress. She is also known for playing a leading role in the Amazon original series named ‘Mind The Malhotras’ for which she received many awards. Be it acting, modeling, or acting, Mini Mathur proved herself as a brilliant woman in all her professions. Moreover, you can recall her heart-winning performance in the television serial named ‘Dilli Dil Se’. However, here we have shared some amazing things to know more about her. And we are sure you people would love to read them. Let’s have a look!

Mini Mathur

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mini Mathur

1- Mini Mathur established her career in multiple professions

Mini Mathur established her career as an actress, host, and model. And this helped her to get a plethora of work opportunities. Apart from this, she is also a writer, producer, and interior designer.

2- What do her close friends choose to call her?

The multi-talented lady was born as Mini Mathur but she has a nickname and her close friends call her Min Min. That’s nice! Isn’t it?

3- How she became a most popular actress

In 2002, Mini Mathur made a debut with a Bollywood film named ‘Dil Vil Pyaar Vyaar’ through which she earned much fame and huge recognition in her career life.

4- What she does in her leisure time

Mini Mathur loves spending leisure time with her hobbies. The actress loves cooking and traveling as she likes to visit different places.

5- Mini Mathur manages time for reading and writing

Mini Mathur always takes time out for reading and writing as she thinks that regular reading and writing helps her be more productive. That’s impressive!

6- Once she was trolled on social media for marrying a Muslim

Not just once, but Mini has faced trolls several times. Once the actress was trolled on social media for marrying a Muslim man.

7- She slams all trolls very confidently

Mini Mathur slammed all trolls regarding her marriage with a Muslim man as she believed that the best way to deal with trolls was by shaming them on the social media platform in excellent English.

8- She is married to a renowned director Kabir Khan

Mini Mathur is married to a famous director Kabir Khan with whom she has two children, a son named Vivaan Kabir and a daughter named Sairah Kabir.

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