8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mishti

Mishti Biography

Mishti Chakraborty is an Indian young actress who flaunts her adorable acting talent and gorgeous looks that make her favorite. Her dazzling eyes are enough to steal the hearts of many, but her acting skills and expressions are also undeniable. Even her fans never stop praising her for her extraordinary performances which makes her set apart from others. Still, she is looking for getting more productive acting opportunities so that she can prove herself. Well, to know more about the girl, here we have shared some interesting things you didn’t know before. So, let’s have a look! Mishti

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Mishti

1- Not everyone knows her real name

We all know her by her screen name Mishti Chakraborty, but let us tell you that her real name is different. Her real name is Indrani Chakraborty.

2- Mishti is an animal lover

While scrolling through her Instagram, we got to know that Indrani aka Mishti is an animal lover and she often shares photos of herself along with her pets.

3- She is a believer of fairytales

Another interesting fact is Mishti is a firm believer of fairytales. Although we all know that fairytales don’t exist in the reality, she has a unique perception. Any one of you can relate to her perception if you have too.

4- She accepts PR deals from various notable brands

Because of having a huge fan following on her Instagram, many notable brands approached her for promotions and they often deliver PR deals to her. Recently, she received a PR deal from derma.essentia.

5- She enjoys nature

Mishti Chakraborty is a nature lover and enjoys nature. Whenever she goes out, she opts for green lush places where she finds her peace of mind.

6- Mishti loves capturing the moments

If you can go through her Instagram account, you will know how much she is lively as she loves capturing the moments in the camera and often shares with her fans on social media.

7- Mishti is a selfie-lover

Self-love is not an act of selfishness, but it’s an act of self-care. Mishti believes in living each moment. She is a selfie lover and loves taking pictures in the morning as well.

8- She is associated with some charitable organizations

Mishti is associated with some charitable organizations through which she spreads happiness and love among the poor children of India.

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