8 Things You Didn’t Know About Murray Bartlett

Murray Bartlett made his movie debut more than 30 years ago. During that time, he has become an international star and has had the opportunity to work with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.

He is well-recognized for his roles in television dramas such as Looking and Guiding Light. Murray has also appeared in various movies over the years. He’s just received a lot of notice for his appearance in the new HBO Max series, The White Lotus. So let’s get to know him a little better with these 8 unknown facts about him.

Murray Bartlett
Murray Bartlett

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Murray Bartlett

1. A Perfect Blend Of Hardwork And Natural Talent

Murray’s career has been the ideal blend of hard work and natural talent. Murray received a degree in performing arts from Australia’s National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in 1991. [1]

2. Produced A Shot Film Called Noor

Murray has spent most of his career in front of the camera, and there’s no doubt that it’s been his primary emphasis. He has, however, crossed across to the other side of the camera. He made a short film called Noor in 2012. That is his only production credit to date. [2]

3. Not Active On Social Platforms

Murray has amassed a devoted fan base from all over the world throughout the course of his career. While many of those people would definitely love to follow him on social media, they may be disappointed by his lack of activity.

4. His First-Time Role In American Production

Murray will always be able to say he was a member of one of the most popular shows of the 2000s, Sex, and the City. Murray made an appearance as Oliver Spencer in an episode of Sex and the City in 2002. This was his debut appearance in an American production.

5. Supports An End To Racism

Despite his lack of social media activity, Murray has made it a point to use his position to voice his opinions on issues that are important to him. In June 2020, he sent a message expressing his support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

Murray's Instagram post on Black Lives Matter Movement
Murray’s Instagram post on the Black Lives Matter Movement

6. Enjoys Gardening

Murray’s life outside of performing is unknown, however, a video on his Instagram profile suggests that he enjoys gardening. Unfortunately, he never kept his fans up to date on how his gardening quest was going or what plants and veggies he was growing. [3]

7. Was Excited To Work With Mike White

Typically, it is the screenplay or the character that drives an actor to a role. However, in the case of The White Lotus, Murray was most enthused about the show’s creator, Mike White. [4]

8. His Work Before Acting

Murray, like most actors, had to perform odd jobs before his profession took off sufficiently for him to sustain himself. Murray revealed to TV Insider that he used to work in the hospitality industry.

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