8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nelson Thomas

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Nelson Thomas Biography

Nelson Thomas is a handsome, good-looking, and hardworking American actor and model most famous for his appearance in reality shows. Nelson has struggled hard to make his career, he has been through a lot in his life and is a living motivation for all of those struggling.

The actor has got a huge fan following on his Instagram and for those followers and fans, we have collected some unknown facts about him.

Nelson Thomas
Nelson Thomas

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nelson Thomas

1. Famous Show

Nelson Thomas has been seen in many reality shows. And in every show his performance is admirable. His most famous reality shows are “Are You the One” and “The Champions: Rival III”.

2. Class B Theft

The actor was arrested 5 years ago on a theft charge while it was still unknown what he had stolen. [1]

3. Botox Man

Nelson Thomas has worked really hard to build his physique and maintain his good looks. And to do so one thing he has done is Botox. Yes! you heard it right he had to try botox on his face.

4. Featured Series

Although he is famous for reality shows we have also seen him working in series like “American Crime” and “Friday Night Lights”.

5. Vlogger

He has also got a  huge fan following on his youtube account. he is a Vlogger too and keeps updating his youtube channel with different vlogs of his everyday life. [2]

6. Grows Up In Poverty

As we have mentioned above that Nelson is a hardworking person. he had been grown up in poverty and raised in a rough neighborhood in Inglewood, CA. But that doesn’t stop him from struggling and making his life better than before.

7. Strip Club Worker

The actor had also revealed that he had worked in the strip club as a bartender to get earnings.

8. Not a Reality Show Fan

As the actor has gotten huge fame through his performance in reality Tv shows but in reality, he is not a fan of reality TV shows.

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