8 Things You Didn’t Know About Niamh Algar

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Niamh Algar Biography

Niamh Algar is a well-trained actress. She is the youngest in a close-knit family and she was drawn to acting at a young age. She was born and grew up in Ireland. She never thought to become an actress, but destiny had some other plans for her. Well, she then pursued acting as a career that has been thriving for the last few years as her star is still on the rise. She decided to keep the momentum in 2022 with the 2nd season of the HBO Max series ‘Raised by Wolves’. However, to know more about her, let’s dig out some unknown facts!

Niamh Algar

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Niamh Algar

1- She likes Playing “Broken” Characters

Niamh Algar likes playing broken characters. She prefers the roles of people who are more complex. She thinks that broken characters are rewarding.

2- She has some Behind-the-Scenes Experience

She has established her career working on the front of the camera, but she has some behind-the-scenes experience. She has been a production designer and also worked in the art department as a prop buyer.

3- She likes to Travel

Niamh Algar likes traveling. She lived in the UK, but she didn’t get a chance to explore other parts of the world. Thanks to her acting career as she has traveled to places such as; South Africa and France.

4- She’s a Well-trained Actress

Niamh Algar is a well-trained actress. She studied at the Programme of Screen Acting at the Bow Street Academy in Ireland. Later, she studied design at the Dublin Institute of Technology.

5- G.I. Jane helped Inspire Her to Start Acting

Once the actress revealed that G.I. Jane helped inspire her to start an acting career. It was the time when she was just 13 years old.

6- She’s in a Relationship

Niamh has been in a relationship with Lorne MacFadyen who is also a great actor. She made an announcement publicly on her social media accounts.

7- She enjoys taking Pictures

Niamh Algar loves taking pictures. She has a deep love for photography and she calls it the best leisure-time activity that she loves to do the most.

8- She’s a Fashionable

Niamh loves fashion and she always stuns fans with her sense of style. She likes to share her charming personality with the world and doesn’t shy away from getting creative in terms of fashion style statements.

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