8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ninad Mahajani

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Ninad Mahajani Biography

Ninad Mahajani is an actor by profession and also a part-time model.  He was born in a pure Hindu Family on the 27th of September, in the year 1991, in Satara, Maharashtra, the city of India. His Nationality is Indian. Ninad was launched in the year 2020 by Shahrukh Khan’s production Red Chillies in the movie Class of 83 on Netflix. Before entering the field of acting Mahajani was a bright student and focused on completing his studies. He also worked as an RJ at Mango Radio, to support his family financially, and then he opted to follow his passion for acting. The young actor’s hot and dashing photoshoots are a real help for Mahajan to get approved by the filmmakers. Ninad Mahajani has made a lot of names in just a span of 2 years but he is not satisfied with what he has achieved, he is out for more fame and name. He wants to do a Bollywood movie and play a lead role in it. He is also passionate about writing and dreams to write a mainstream script for a Bollywood movie.

8 Things You Didn't Know About Ninad Mahajani

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Ninad Mahajani

1-Height and Weight

Ninad Mahajani is slim and smart. His average height is 5 feet and 9 inches tall, while his weight is 65 kilograms which is perfectly fit. There is no doubt that he is a dashing, handsome guy who fits himself in each role.

2- Physical Appearance

Mahajani is young, hot, and dashing. His personality is perfectly suitable for being an actor and a model. He is really interested in gymnastics and has a perfect amount of biceps. His eye and hair color is black but attractive.

3- Marital Status

The young actor is still not married and single. He is not yet ready to be married because he wants to focus on his career first and is waiting for the right time to come.

4- A Graduate

The most talented actor, Ninad Mahajani is a high school graduate, but the school name is not known. If he has studied further or not is also known by the media portals.

5- Hobbies

The talented actor is great in everything he does. He is passionate about acting and it is his hobby too. Singing is also his favorite pastime hobby. Also, he loves hanging out with his best buddies.

6-His Favourites

Ninad Mahajani loves fast food but the most favorite fast food is burgers. He can eat burgers anytime and any day. His Favourite color is white while he does not have a favorite foreign destination. He loves new Delhi in India and that is his favorite destination.

7- Best Known For

The actor Ninad Mahajani is not only known for his acting but also for his direction. He is an actor plus a director who is known for his movies like, Class of 83, Bodhi, Red Earth, Home Delivery, The Unborn, and Buddha.

8- Social Media Handles

Though we could not find Ninad on many social media platforms, we found him active on social media. There were not many followers which made us doubt the account but by the posts, we can guess it is his account only which is not known by many people. His Instagram account handle name is @ninzipped on which he shares a lot about his personal life for fans.

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