8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nishanti Evani

Nishanti Evani Biography

Nishanthi Evani is a well-known face of the Indian film industry. She has worked predominantly in the Telugu movie industry too where she did many movies. She made her mark there too equally. Nishanti Evani’s best film to hit the theatres was Lbw (Life Before Wedding) in the year 2011. The actress was praised by everyone for giving brilliant performances during her career. Even her die-hard fans can’t stop praising her for the outstanding acting chops that make her set apart among others. Well, to know more about her, here we have compiled some lesser facts about this aspiring beauty which will surely amaze you and you might not know them before. So, let us have a look! Nishanti Evani

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nishanti Evani

1- Daughter of a Famous Writer

We are almost 100% sure that you do not know this interesting fact before that she is the daughter of the well-known writer and music director E.S. Murthy. In this way, she is related to the art lover family.

2- Well-Educated

You will be amazed to know this amazing fact that she is a well-educated celebrity. She is not among those who leave education while entering into the glamorous showbiz world. She did graduation in the field of Commerce from Chennai.Her passion for films made her do a course in Film Direction from Mumbai too.

3- Bubbly Nature

Very few people might know this fact that this good-looking personality is not only good by her looks but also she is very humble. She is considered to be a very cool and bubbly actress in her fellows. She has a very good mindset of considering all men and women as equals in all aspects.

4- Gender Equality

She is a strong supporter of gender equality. We are quite sure that you don’t know this amazing fact about this aspiring beauty before. Indeed, it is a very good mindset of considering all men and women as equals in all aspects.

5- Her Controversy

The actress, Nishanti Evani normally remains far far away from the controversies but one time, she had to go into it. She became controversial over the issue of her affair with the younger boy.

6- Her Direction Skills

It will be a very interesting fact for you that she has remained part of many films as an Assistant Director and managed the Direction departments effectively. She has got fine skills in the direction too.

7- Net Worth

Her net worth is approximately 1 million which is indeed a very very large amount. She has made all this money from her modeling and acting career and living a lavish life.

8- No issues on bold Shoots

She is a kind of fearless soul. She does whatever she wants and believes. She never turned down offers for the bold shoots. She believes if it is a demand of the scene, then there is no issue in that. She is going to be an important part of the Telugu film industry in the incoming days.

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