8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nyla Usha

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Nyla Usha Biography

An Indian multi-talented woman Nyla Usha is not just famous for being an actress, yet a TV host, and radio jockey, as well. She became famous for her work in South Indian movies. She comes from Trivandrum, Kerala. In 2013, she started off her acting career with her debut film named ‘Kunjananthante Kada’. Since then, she didn’t look back and continued to struggle to get more fame and lasting success in her career life. Well, this doesn’t end as we have many interesting things that you didn’t know before. So, let’s have a look!

Nyla Usha

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Nyla Usha

1- Nyla Usha has been a part of various awareness campaigns

Nyla Usha has been a part of many awareness campaigns that work on noble causes and spread awareness on Cancer and other diseases.

2- She is a social bird and loves hanging out with buds

Nyla Usha calls herself a social bird as she loves hanging out with her best buddies and often shares photos of herself on her Instagram handle.

3- Usha is a lively soul

Nyla Usha is a lively person who loves enjoying every second she spends with her friends and her fellow stars on the shoots. And this is amazing!

4- She loves taking care of her overall health and body

As a star celebrity, Nyla Usha never compromises on her health as she loves taking care of her overall body and health.

5- Nyla Usha is a gym lover

Nyla Usha loves gymming and being a fitness freak, she never skips her regular workouts and diet regime. She believes that a full-body workout and diet can help make her active throughout the day.

6- She enjoys Winters

While scrolling through her Instagram, we got to know that Nyla Usha’s favorite weather is winter and she enjoys winters to the fullest.

7- Nyla Usha is an avid traveler

Nyla Usha is an avid traveler and she loves enjoying trips. She is a backpacker who always manages time for tours. She loves visiting different places. She believes that whenever she goes on tours, she discovers herself.

8- Nyla Usha is a foodie person

Nyla Usha is a foodie person and loves enjoying a variety of food. Being an avid traveler, she often visits different food spots where she tastes various food items.

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