8 Things You Didn’t Know About Paula Serrano

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Paula Serrano Biography

The ravishing beauty, Spanish actress, Paula Serrano is famous for her work and heart-winning performances. She has been a part of many notable films and television series, but is better known for performing in ‘Yo Soy Yo; in 2016, ‘La Guzman’, in 2019, and many more that are worth sharing. She has been enthralling many with her great performances. Even her fans are in awe to see her on the big screen. She has the ability to fit herself in each character she plays which shows her dedication and passion for her career. We hope she will do wonders in her career life whenever she gets unique roles to play. Well, here we have compiled some lesser facts for you to know about her. Give it a read!

8 Things You Didn't Know About Paula Serrano

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Paula Serrano

1- Popular Film

One of the most recent releases ‘La Reina Soy Yo’ of 2019, in which she gave an undeniable performance and her fans couldn’t stop admiring her brilliant acting prowess.

2- Followers on Instagram

Due to a busy schedule, the actress can’t take time out to manage her social media handles, but whenever she gets something new in her career life, she always prefers to share it with her fans on her Instagram followers.

3- Pet Lover

Let us tell you another unknown thing about your favorite celebrity. Paula Serrano is a pet lover and she has a puppy with whom she loves spending her time. Also, she celebrated his birthday and shared his birthday pictures on her Instagram.

4- Fitness Enthusiast

Being a fitness enthusiast, Paula Serrano never skips workout regimes and often shares his workout pictures and videos with her fans to motivate them to do so. Indeed, she is a great inspiration for fitness lovers.

5- Life Partner

Who knows that Paula is married or not? Let us tell you that she is married to Sergio Serrano with whom she is living a happy married life. Also, she along with him endorsed many notable brands.

6- Nature Lover

Paula Serrano is a nature lover and loves to enjoy the natural beauty. Whenever she travels, she opts for places full of lush green plants and trees. Also, she shares photos of herself on her Instagram.

7- Celebrates Each Moment

Paula Serrano loves to celebrate each moment, every special occasion with her husband Sergio Serrano. Her Instagram is flooded with their photos. And it shows that they set major couple goals.

8- Junk Food Lover

While scrolling through her Instagram, we got to know that Paula Serrano is a junk food lover. She enjoys eating burgers, french fries, and soft drinks. She shares her life events and photos on her Instagram.

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