8 Things You Didn’t Know About Rawan Bin Hussain

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Rawan Bin Hussain is a Kuwaiti celebrated star who is most popular for stunning weight reduction preceding displaying. She has increased immense notoriety when media called her “the Brooke Shields of Kuwait.” She has been filled in as a beauty editor at Velvet magazine. She has been highlighted in Vogue Arabia. Here’s a great chance to know about her and we have some amazing facts that you didn’t know about the actress. So, let’s have a look!

8 Things You Didnt Know About Rawan Bin Hussain 1

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Rawan Bin Hussain

1-  Rawan Bin Hussain’s Family Background

She was born on 30th December 1996 in Kuwait. Also, the age of this Model is Twenty-One (22) years of age as in 2019. At the point when she was young, her family lived in London, England, United Kingdom. Moreover, this young beauty master has three kins, two 2 twin sisters and one brother. Also, she is an incredible British model, beauty influencer, social media celebrity, and beauty editor at Velvet Magazine.

2- She Is Best Known For

She is most popular for working with Ted Baker. Also, she is a social media influencer and has won the title of’ ‘The Brooke Shields Of Kuwait’ and also she won ‘The Most Influential Social Media Figure Of The Year in Dubai.

3- She Has A Million Of Followers

She is dynamic on social media, especially on Instagram. Kuwaiti model who has been captured by expert photographers like Ted Baker and worked together with brands like Garami. She is widely prevalent on Instagram, where she has more than 3.6 million adherents on her rawan account.

4- How She Got Famed On Social Media

She got acclaimed unintentionally – and it’s everything on account of a messed up heart. A few years back, her secondary school and she separated. She wanted to make him desirous. What did she do? She made her Instagram page open. In those days, she was concentrating in Los Angeles. A magazine discovered her Instagram, which was developing in supporters, and contrasted her look with that of American on-screen character Brooke Shields. Abruptly the hashtag #Brooke­ShieldsofKuwait started drifting on Twitter. She never realized that in three years, she’d have 3,000,000 followers. She never implied for things to go that way. She simply wanted her secondary school to return.

5- She Captivated Attention Of Several Well-Known Brands

Since the Brooke Shields comparison, she has grabbed the eye of several well-known brands. In 2016, she turned into the substance of Maybelline in the Middle East. She has also teamed up with any semblance of Gucci, Lancome and Charlotte Tilbury, to give some examples. This year, she launched her own make-up line, House of Rawan.

6- She Prefers Education More Than Money

With such a large number of individuals competing for popularity on social media, it’s basically insufficient to take selfies throughout the day. the celebrity, who was studying law at the University of Westminster, attributes her social media accomplishment to having shifted interests outside the beauty world.

She got such a significant number of devotees since she has a fascinating way of life. She does full-time graduate school and low maintenance aeronautics. To her,  education starts things out. Regardless of whether you have heaps of cash or not, you’re nothing without education. She has had million-dollar offers to move to places like Dubai and she denied. Since her entire life, she has worked such a great amount to get decent evaluations in secondary school to come to London and study.

7- Don’t Let Anyone Get You Down

The majority of social media stars want to endure analysis from online trolls. Yet, the young celebrity, who says she was harassed as a young person for being overweight, has confronted a deluge of maltreatment from cyber bullies who have reprimanded the manner in which she looks.

8- She Prefers Privacy On Social Media

At the point when you carry on with your life on social media, the lines among open and private can immediately get obscured. In spite of the fact that she shares a ton about her life and her moments, she ensures that she gets her family far from her Insta pictures and Snapchat.







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