8 Things You Didn’t Know About Rytasha Rathore

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Rytasha Rathore Biography

Rytasha Rathore is one of the most famous actors, hailing from India and mainly known for her work and performances in the Indian entertainment industry. She is recognized for her performance in the Indian Primetime Television Show named ‘Badho Bahu’ and also known for her hosting skills as she hosted the show named VICE India’s documentary series SEX rated: A Vice Guide to Sex in India. Additionally, she has worked in many plays and also appeared in a Netflix series. However, she has earned extensive experience in the field of acting and got huge applause from everyone. To know more about her personal and professional life, have a look at these unknown facts we have compiled for you!

Rytasha Rathore

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Rytasha Rathore

1- Passion for Acting

The actress Rytasha Rathore had a love and passion for acting at her young age. It was the time when she was in school and discovered her interest in acting. While after passing 12th standard, she worked as internet with Mumbai-based Theatre Professionals Pvt Ltd and also performed in two plays.

2- Trained Actress

Rytasha Rathore is a well-trained actress and joined the LASALLE College of the Arts, located in Singapore where she learned acting and later returned to Mumbai in the year 2015. She did graduation in the field of acting and secured the first position.

3- Spent early years in Singapore & India

Rytasha Rathore was born in Singapore where she grew up and studied. She spent her early years in Singapore and later moved to India. It was the time when she was just seven years old.

4- Trained in Voice & Accent Work

The most talented actress, Rathore got trained in a variety of Eastern and Western performance techniques, with a voice and accent work. Woww… this is so incredibly amazing to hear that she is such a talented lady.

5- Well-trained Theatre Artist

She is a well-trained theatre artist and got training under the supervision of theatre professionals, such as; Chong Tze Chien, Natalie Hennedige, Lim Yu Beng, Adam Marple, Edith Podesta, Stefanos Rassios, Aubrey Mellor, and Tan Li Xie.

6- Famous for

She has acted in many acting projects and got famed for her tremendous performances. Rathore has also appeared in short YouTube videos for YouTube channels including Filter Copy and BuzzFeed.

7- Active on Social Media

Rytasha Rathore is extremely active on all her social media accounts where she loves interacting with her millions of fans and followers. She has a deep love for her Instagram family where she posts a variety of stuff regularly.

8- Victory

Among various prestigious achievements, Rytasha Rathore was honored with the Best Ensemble Cast at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards. And she calls it one of the biggest life achivements.

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