8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sameer Paranjape

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Sameer Paranjape is an Indian actor who was born on 14 September. Hailing from Pune, he had dreams to join the glamorous world of showbiz and reach his dreams. He has got a lot of name and fame because of his flawless and fine acting skills which helped him to gain the praise of both critics and fans. There is no doubt that he has the capability to win the hearts of many with his amazing acting chops and remarkable performances. Still, many of us don’t know about his personal and professional life, and here we are bringing you some lesser facts to get to know him better. So, let us have a look at these unknown facts and we are sure you will be amazed to know about him!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sameer Paranjape

1- Well-praised Performance

Maybe you do not know about the debut of your favorite star celebrity, so here we are telling you about him that he started his career in this glamorous world of showbiz with the Goth. It was his very first project and he got a lot of fame with that.

2- Engineer cum Actor

It might be an interesting fact about him that he is an engineer but instead of making a career in this field, he joined the wonderful world of the film industry in order to get his dreams.

3- Marital Status

Maybe you are wondering about his personal life that whether he is married or not, so we are telling you about it that he is happily married. His wife’s name is Anuja. They got married after being in a relationship for some time.

4- Appeared in Web Series

As we all know that web series is a growing industry just like conventional media industries. So he also goes with the flow and has done some of the famous web series like the class of 83 and Aslam Khan.

5- True Virgo

His zodiac sign is Aquarius as he was born on 14 September. He has got all the qualities of his star. He is courageous, ready to take risks in life, and makes few but long-lasting relationships.

6- Net Worth

We are quite sure that you do not know about his net worth that is USD $1 Million approximately. Indeed it is a huge amount. He has made all this fortune with his acting skills. It is the best feeling indeed to make such a large fortune with the work that you love!

7- Singing

Singing is one of the main hobbies. It is quite an interesting fact about him that loves to sing whenever he gets any leisure time. This way, he is an actor cum singer but still hidden! Maybe someday we get to hear from him! Who knows?

8- Travel Freak

He is a wandering soul. He loves to travel as much as he can and as much as his busy schedule allows him to travel, off course! His favorite place to be in Goa. Wow… What a wonderful place to visit!

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