8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Silverman

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Sarah Silverman Biography

Sarah Kate Silverman was born on 1st December 1970, in Bed ford, New Hemisphere,US to a Jewish Family of Beth Ann and Donald Silverman. Although she was born in New Hemisphere but was raised in Manchester and thus got her preschool education from The Derryfield School in Manchester. However, she continued with her graduation but her deep interest in stand-up comedy was a barrier between her and her education. As being the youngest child she was nurtured with the utmost love and care especially by her father who raised her with no religious boundaries and thus she considers herself to be a Secular. As her urge to be a comedian was shooting daily without a full stop so she made her debut as a Standup Comedian in 1992 from here the comedian’s star shines as bright as the sun and she marked her way towards a show named Saturday Night Live. Yet, it was a long journey filled with peaks and valleys because her star turned dimmer as she was fired from the show just after a year. Though at this point her confidence was shattered a bit as we know if there are bad days so are good days making their way thus she bounced back with another show named Mr.Show. Since then, she did not look back. Well, let us know more about her life!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarah Silverman

1- Most-watched Show

Her Television sitcom named The Sarah Silver man Programme debuted on Comedy Central in February 2007, and this series had record-breaking 1.81 million views.

2- Marital Status

This is a bit confusing but let me tell u she was married to Jimmy Kimmel, Micheal Sheen and is currently with Rory Albanese.

3- Controversial Comedy

Sarah Kate Silverman’s comedy highlighted some topics which created controversy for her like: racism, sexism, religion, and many more.

4- Zodiac Sign

According to her date of birth, her zodiac sign is Sagittarius. People with Sagittarius are bold, independent, self-made, and career-oriented.

5-Controversy Star

Sarah Silverman was more famous as a celebrity than a controversial star since her childhood due to her comic collection.

6- Vegetarian

She at the age of 10 choose to be a vegetarian and is till date. Yes… She is following her healthy diet charts comprised of vegetables, vege soups, salads, and smoothies to keep herself healthy and fit.

7- Diseases and Disabilities

We are flabbergasted to know that a girl with money, fame is still a patient of depression which clearly says that money and fame can’t buy peace.

8- What she hates

She hates to be called Jewish because she wants people to recognize her as White. That sounds weird! Well, religion doesn’t matter when it comes to fame.

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