8 Things You Didn’t Know About Sarai Jones

Sarai Jones Biography

Sarai Jones is a famous YouTuber and influencer of American origin. She makes videos on lifestyle, food, travel, and skincare, and her videos are quite popular throughout the world. There is not much information available about her so we are now telling you 8 hidden facts about her which you will surely love to know!
Sarai Jones
Sarai Jones

8 things you didn’t know about Sarai Jones

1. Her idol in YouTube business

She is ideal for millions of people all over the world but do you know that who is her idol on YouTube? So we are here to tell you that YouTubers Michele Phan is her biggest idol. So, Did you know it before?

2. Huge following of 919k+ on Instagram!

Sarai Jones is quite a popular celebrity worldwide. She has around 919k followers who are following her from all over the world. She gives updates about herself and remains in touch with her fans regularly.

 3. She came into the limelight accidentally

We are sure that you don’t k know this interesting fact about her that she had no idea or intention to be in the YouTube business in her early days. One of the earliest videos called ‘Pizza Ranch and Cherry Coke’ was the result of an idea that popped in an instant during the clueless phase but it made her realize the power of social media and she started thinking about it seriously.

4. Her nickname

Many people might not know she has a nickname too and she has her YouTube channel and another Instagram account with that nickname. Her nickname is Krazyrayray. So did you know this interesting fact before we told you?

5. She faced backlash from her acquaintances

 Very few people might know this hidden fact about her that she was called out names for her ‘YouTube’ videos. Her initial days were full of discouragement from her schoolmates and acquaintances but it didn’t affect her shine. She always went back and upload another video, proving to the haters that she won’t quit and get whatever she want.

6. Wall Street journal is crazy behind her!

Sarai Jones has not only an incredible success story on her social media handles but she even had ‘Wall Street Journal ‘going crazy over her channel! They are going to release a column featuring Sarai Jones and all the enviable amazing things that she has achieved since the age of 12. Moreover, many news channels and social media channels want to do her interviews to get her insights on different issues. She is, no doubt, one of the biggest influencers in America today.

7. 3.4 million followers on YouTube

It must be an interesting fact for you that she has gained around 3.4 million followers on her YouTube channel in a very short period. This has made her one of the most expensive influencers in the USA. Her content is quite popular and people call her Fashion guru for her fashion and lifestyle vlogs. [1]

8. A traveling soul

It is another side of her personality that she loves to spend time in nature, away from her normal glamorous routine. She loves to travel and explore new places whenever she gets time. You can easily observe it on her Instagram account.                            


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