8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shiva Kalaiselvan

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Shiva Kalaiselvan has fantastic acting abilities, as evidenced by her television and film roles. She also has Comedy, a variety of dialects including “British RP”, “Middle Eastern”, “Indian”, and many others.

In this article, we should learn more about Shiva Kalaiselvan.

Shiva Kalaiselvan
Shiva Kalaiselvan

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Shiva Kalaiselvan

1. Left Malaysia

Shiva left Malaysia to pursue an undergraduate degree in B.Sc. Finance at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business in Bloomington, Indiana. Not only that, but Shiva also earned a Master’s degree in Fine Arts with a major in acting from Columbia University School of the Arts in New York, United States.

2. Investment Banker

Kalaiselvan graduated in 2006 and began working as an Investment Banker in “Milwaukee” and “London” for nearly three years until her love for acting was rekindled, and she later resumed her acting career.

3. A Producer

She is also a producer, having produced two theatrical productions with her debut companies, “Next In Line Productions LLC.” and “Classic Stage Company.”, titled “Someone Who’ll Watch Over Me.” and “Nathan The Wise.”

4. Private Person

Shiva has always kept her personal life and love life private from the media; however, Malaysian beauty is dating a man whose identity has yet to be revealed.

5. Dog Lover

In one of her posts, she was seen posting a picture of her dog’s recovery from the time she picked him up from an adoption agency until now. Many of her Instagram posts show how much she adores her pet dog and appears to be a huge pet lover.

6. Her Exposure To Music

Performing has always been an important part of Shiva’s life. Her parents introduced her to music, travel, and the arts when she was younger, and encouraged her to participate in Indian classical singing and dance.

7. Her Big Role

The Manhattan-based KL actress-producer, who has appeared in “Charmed” and “The Originals,” rose to prominence in the 2018 series “Gotham” as Lelia. “I’m not sure what I’d call the sensation. It’s more than just happy or joyful “She stated this in an interview in 2018 after accepting the role of the Batman villain. [1]

8. Doesn’t Look Foor Specific Type Of Role

Among the difficulties Shiva faced was the fact that she did not have a specific type of role in mind. “Certain areas may be difficult for me to visit, Certain parts of the country want a black person, but I am not black. Certain parts of the country desire a very Indian, but ‘oh, she’s not very Indian.’ “she claims. [2]


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