8 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Bacic

Steve Bacic Biography

Steve Bacic is a Canadian actor who was born on 13th March 1965 in Canada where he grew up and studied. He has worked on many acting projects but is known for portraying the roles of Gaheris and Telemachus Rhade on the Science-fiction series Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda. Also, he appeared as a guest star in seasons 1 and 3 as both roles, he also joined season four in Telemachus. Moreover, he has made brilliant performances in other movies for which he got immense love and appreciation from the viewers. As he is one of the most celebrated actors, so that’s the reason he has earned a huge fan following in his career life. And we are sure that you guys want to know more about his personal and professional ventures. So, let us give it a read!

Steve Bacic- Actor

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Steve Bacic

1- Origin

The sought-after actor, Steve Bacic originally comes from Yugoslavia, Canada where he was born and grew up. Later, he studied there and after completing his studies, he then joined the field of acting to pursue his dream life.

2- Nationalities

The actor, Bacic has multiple nationalities, like; Croatian, Canadian, and Yugoslavian. Currently, he is residing in Canada where he built his acting career and got many acting gigs to work on.

3- Popular Movies

Steve Bacic is a well-known actor who has given brilliant performances. Among many films and television shows, some of them are most popular, such as; Andromeda (2000- 2005), Telemachus in 2007, and many others that are worth sharing.

4- Leisure-time Activities

The actor is a fun-loving guy who loves spending his time with his hobbies. Yes… He is the person who manages time for some relaxation and loves swimming, watching movies, and traveling to different places.

5- Married Life

The actor, Steve Bacic married to Caroli Bacic with whom he has three kids. The couple is living a happy, peaceful married life and often shares couple goals for which their fans admire them a lot on social media platforms.

6- Physical Appearance

The actor, Steve Bacic’s height is 6 feet which is an ideal height of a man. While the dashing and charming man has a huge following because of his charismatic persona which grabs the audience’s attention.

7- Before Fame

Before fame, the actor graduated from the University and pursued a degree in the field of Kinesiology, but later, he discovered his interest in acting and pursued it as a career.

8- Aspired to be Athlete

Originally, Steve aspired to be a professionally trained, athlete but later, he became a coach. Afterward, he developed an interest in the field of acting and then went into the field.

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    Unfortunately, he lost his wife Carolin three years ago.

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