8 Things You Didn’t Know About Suman Mishra

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An Indian acclaimed actress, Suman Mishra, is known for being blessed with incredible talent that makes her set apart. This is an amazing life achievement that a lady has achieved so much during her career life so far. The Indian actress was born on 24th Dec 1989 in Jamshedpur, Jharkand, India where she grew up and completed her education. After completing her formal education, she then started learning various skills that helped her to establish a prolific career. However, still there is a lot to know about her, and we have compiled a list of some unknown facts to know about her personal and professional life. So, let us have a look! Suman-Mishra

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Suman Mishra

1- Belongs to an Educated Family

The most talented star belongs to an educated family as she is the daughter of Sushil Kumar Mishra who is a well-known doctor working at a reputed hospital in India. But Suman had another interest instead of becoming a doctor, she picked up acting as a career.

2- Multi-talented

Suman Mishra is known for being a multi-talented star as her skills are not confined to just acting, yet she is a great model and dancer as well. This is amazing that a lady has so many skills that help her to grow in multiple domains.

3- Melodious Voice

Suman Mishra’s skills are endless as she is blessed with a Melodious voice so she took advantage of it and made her career in the field of music and became a great singer as well.

4- Practicing Dance since an early age

You guys will be amazed to know that Suman Mishra is a great dancer and has been practicing dance since the age of four, even she pursued a degree of Masters in the field of Kathak Dance.

5- Before Fame

Before joining the industry, Suman Mishra took the start of her career as a model and after doing modeling for several years for notable brands, she then moved into acting line and started appearing in the films.

6- Rose to Fame

Suman Mishra rose to fame after doing a photoshoot with firecrackers on the account of the Hindu traditional festive ‘Diwali’. Since then, she came into the spotlight and became famous.

7- Promo Song

The stunning actress also got the opportunity to get featured in the promotional song titled ‘Sari Duniya Mere Ispe’ in the film named ‘Loot’ for which she got much appreciation from music lovers and fans.

8- Recognition

The actress got recognition after appearing in the film titled ‘Crazy Cukkad Family’ in which she appeared as Cherry and it was produced by Prakash Jha. For the role, Mishra got much recognition for her outstanding performance.

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