8 Things You Didn’t Know About Tara Browne

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Tara Browne Biography

Tara Browne, a socialite, and heir to the Guinness fortune was tragically killed in a car accident when she was only 21 years old in December 1966. That car accident inspired the Beatles’ song “A Day In The Life”.

We’re here to talk about some fascinating facts about him that you’ll enjoy learning about.

Tara Browne
Tara Browne

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Tara Browne

1. Man of Independent Means

He left a £56,069 estate when he died at the age of 21, a sum that would have made him a millionaire today. He was described as a man of “independent means” in his inquest.

2. Co-owner of Dandie Fashions

Tara was also a co-owner of the Kings Road boutique “Dandie fashions.” After his death, “John Crittle,” an Australian, bought his share.[1]

3. On Night Of his Death

He was on his way to discuss “Dandie Fashions” store front designs with Binder’s graphic artist David Vaughn on the night of his death.

4. Last Lavish Birthday Party

In 1966, he celebrated his 21st birthday with a lavish party at his family’s estate in Luggala, Ireland. A total of 200 people were invited, and they were flown into Ireland on two private jets.

5. Influencer

Keith Richards and John Paul Getty were both so influenced by him that they named their sons “Tara”.

6. Experimented with LSD

He was known to have experimented with LSD, and it has been mentioned that he and “McCartney” were taking it the night before he died.

7. Employment

He worked despite his wealth. He worked at “Len Street Engineering”, a Lotus dealership in Bayswater.

8. Death

Browne was driving with his girlfriend on December 17, 1966, while under the influence of alcohol and other drugs. Browne failed to notice a traffic light and crashed into a parked lorry at the intersection of “Redcliffe Square” and “Redcliffe Gardens”. He died the next day as a result of his injuries.


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