8 Things You Didn’t Know About Telma Hopkins

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Telma Hopkins Biography

This is the fact that not many performers can successfully move from singing to acting and other professions. It requires a lot of confidence, talent, and star power to do all that. And here we can say that Telma Hopkins definitely has all. She started off her career as a member of Tony Orlando and Dawn, but she then started appearing on the screen for over three decades. If you are curious to know more about her twists and turn, then have a look at the given unknown things you probably didn’t know about. Give it a read!


8 Things You Didn’t Know About Telma Hopkins

1- She started her career as a background singer

Telma Hopkins made appearances on many Motown hits and got the privilege to work with legendary artists, such as; Four Tops and Marvin Gaye. She famously shouted, “Shut your mouth!” on Issac Hayes’ hit song “Theme From Shaft.”

2- She used to be rivals with Joyce Vincent

Before joining the group Dawn, Telma and Vincent were members of rival girl groups. They remained cordial despite competing with each other.

3- She’s made thousands of records

Ultimately, Telma along with Vincent created the group ‘Dawn’. In an interview with Jet Magazine in 1975, she claimed the duo originally recorded thousands of records. They stopped keeping count after 500.

4- There were 14 musical acts named ‘Dawn’ before Hopkins and Vincent

There were already 14 musical acts named ‘Dawn’ when Tony Orlando adopted the name for his Canada release. There were many fake Dawn groups when they started a team in 1970.

5- She’s the godmother to Vincent’s daughter

In 1977, the group broke up, Hopkins and Vincent remained close. In fact, they shared bonding like sister-brother, and once Vincent shared that he named Hopkins the grandmother to her daughter.

6- She was encouraged to act by ABC

After the group broke, Telma struggled with her next step. She once confessed that she didn’t have the confidence to do anything solo and didn’t want to keep releasing music as the duo ‘Dawn’.

7- She’s acted opposite Tom Hanks

Hopkins has acted alongside the most popular actor Tom Hanks in the early 80s series titled ‘Blossom Buddies’.

8- She’s back with Tony Orlando and Dawn

In 1977 when the group broke, it seemed that Telma’s music career was over. However, later, the group reunited for the first time after 40 years.

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